Monday, April 28, 2008

Me-o-mi-yo Tiayo

Noro has struck gold with it's new cotton blend - Tiayo. What a totally yummy yarn - with surprisingly generous yardage. It's a cotton/silk blend that I would say is almost a chunky to heavy worsted. It feels like cotton, but has a sheen to it so you can see the silk. It is a great spring/summer yarn for someone in the South like me. When I saw Stacey's, I really liked the yarn. When I saw the color way #1 in Cottage yarns - I could not resist. Lovely browns, Greys and Pinks. It will go with so many colors and outfits - dressy or casual.


And using the Anthropologie Inspired Caplet pattern it was a fast knit. I did make it larger - casting on 74 and knitting it a bit longer. I used size 10 needles too.


I used about 1 and 3/4 balls perhaps? I bought 3 and am not sure about the last ball. Perhaps a hat? Or, I can take it back and get another colorway. I'd love a caplet with blue in it for jeans. I'm not sure if I would repeat this pattern or find another one, perhaps a bit more boxy?


I like the reverse side too - so I won't put on a button. I need a smaller "shawl" pin though as I will stick myself or someone else with the long one!

All in all - a satisfying project. I've enjoyed this KAL - I'll have Pi, Hemlock and Caplet out of it! Stacy picked great projects!

BTW - this is the first time I've used Ebony on my blog. I picked her up when Rave Knits closed. I had wanted a "model" for my projects. She is a bit small. Her shoulders a bit narrow. I have to clean her up and polish her up a bit. She is destined for my office/crafting room when we get our bonus room done and I get the furniture and couch out of my "Office".

A Jada update - her leg was worse than I thought. She has a little square of pink flesh that really grosses me out. But the brave little girl - who was tearless during the event - turns positively hysterical when you try to remove her band-aid. The mere mention or sight of a band-aid has Jada running and screaming in the opposite direction. Her hands very fast to hit you if you get any where near her leg.

Go figure - scraping her skin off - no tears.

Band aid removal - freak out.



Connie said...

This colorway is really so pretty! I can't wait to see it in person and feel it too...LOL

Good job!

Virtuous said...

Gurl I can't believe you did all 3 projects of the KAL!! Ur uh yes I can!! :oD

And you insist calling me Stacy huh? Haha! ;op

I plan to CO for hemlock this week so I can get some assistance on Saturday if I need to!! ;o)