Saturday, April 26, 2008

Not a girly girl.....

We have noticed that Jada is tough. But she has rarely gotten hurt because her reflexes are so good. But recently she has had a few falls.

And she never cries. Or if she does- it's a tear or two and then she just stares at where it's sore.

This was her latest and worse fall.


Colin scared me half to death when he saw her. He ran across the room and I thought she had broke her leg the way he was carrying on.


Jada didn't say a word, or shed a tear. Even Janeen cried, just looking at her.

What I am I going to do with my tough girl. I thought I had escaped broken collar bones, and noses - Jada is going to be a challenge.

In my knitting life - let's pause for a KAL caplet.


I was inspired by CrimsonPurl's caplet and fell in love with colorway #1. I'm hopeing to wear it Sunday.

All other projects on hold for an urgent fashion emergency.

How about some yarn love....thanks to my new best online friend the Loopy Ewe...






The last hank a gift for becoming a Loopy Groupie. Yipee!!!!! Along with a few other goodies. What a nice surprise and treat!

Thanks Heather for introducing me to the Loopy Ewe!


Wendy said...

Oh, that is a rough cut! She is a tough little girl. My daughter is almost 4 years old. The other day she got a cut and freaked out and had an anxiety attack over a very small bit of blood. She pee'd herself. Then, when I gave her a shower, she freaked again because she thought I was washing all of her blood away. It took me an hour to console her and get her to calm down.

turtlegirl76 said...

Oh my! I nearly cried looking at that cut! Poor thing! What a tough girl. She's gonna be a handful I'm sure.

Love the colorway you're using for your Capelet. And what a GREAT Loopy Groupie yarn! It's so pretty!

Virtuous said...

My goodness Jada is VERY tough!! She is lookin' at the camera like..."what's wrong with y'all?!? I am good!" Haha!!

LOL @ fashion emergency!
Did you make it??

Gurl I so CAN believe you are a groupie already!! ;op