Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our Future

I saw these kids on CNN and was jaw-dropping amazed. They knew the party's platforms, what each canidate stands for, and could articulate it. What excuse does an adult have - if the kids can interpret the race and write this rap?????

Educate yourself - and vote!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why I love my wheel

These were spun on my Hitchhiker - 2.7oz of superwash for Jada's Baby Suprise Jacket.


I tried to spin it fine - in some places too fine. But it was only my 2nd roving on the Hitchhiker. I think it turned out great!



And I also plyed my first pencil roving spun on the Hitchhiker. Much less fine, but still - I love how it turned out. I'm just not sure what to make with it.


I love my spindles, but this is so much faster.


And portable - I took my HH to Charlotte Purls meetings twice so I could finish the superwash.


Here I am at the Purls meeting with my HH :)

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Thanks Stacey for the snapshot of my portable spinning :)

I'm still working on my 8oz Roving on the Kiwi - pictures of that soon.....

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Capelet's outing

Today - I wore the cape after a reblocking and adding buttons. It was the perfect fall accessory.






Fall in the Carolinas has arrived.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Voted!!

Early voting started today in NC. So I took some time off work and voted!

It's done - after months of breathless anticipation, concern that my canidate would not making through the rough primary season - it's done. My vote is cast.

I was suprised at how many people were there. Half were senior citizens. And due to the ridiculous setup where you carried your ballot for EVERYONE to see across the room to machine. I was not suprised to see these Concordian's voting for McCain.

Figures - all the McCain/Palin signs I see around Concord. I hate living in Concord sometimes.

But we are a battleground state, and every vote counts. So - go Davidson, Chapel Hill and Charlotte and other more progressive areas - I'm pulling for you to swing us to Obama!

Our neighbor and I are going to put up lawn signs - just to buck the tide a bit......I'll have to let you know how long they last before they are ripped up and destroyed.

As I'm on a political roll - I have to release this into cyber space to get it of my chest. I'm so unsuprised, but incredibly disappointed in the contingent in America who is unable to look past someone's skin to the ideas and abilities they possess. I can totally respect someone who cannot vote for Obama due to his positions or platform. But the vague - "He's not like us", "I just don't trust him" and worse that is moving from whispers (you always knew it was there) to statements and shouts in Palin Rally's is dispicable. I almost wish McCain on you if you are that ignorant. Too bad my children would be left with the consequences. America has come a long way, but clearly has territory to cover. I pray these next few weeks remain peaceful. And if we are fortunate enough to have an Obama Presidency - that it ends in election or after 8 years - not due to the close mindedness of some among us. And if that happens -- maybe a few more will realize that just because someone is browner than them - doesn't mean that they are less American.

Now back to the safe world of fiber......

Actually- I'm very worried about the fiber world, if it can withstand this downturn. But that's another blog.

But - two scarves I started to coordinate with my cape:



The yarn is Ella Rae Lacy Merino. So squishy and soft. Incredible yarn and dying.

Look at this cake of lovelyness:


I decided to try the nice yarn out on crochet. And the results are wonderful. The stitch is the crazy stitch. It's my second scarf using this pattern, and I think I'm going to write it up and publish it (for free) - I've gotten a few questions on the first scarf with Malabrio Lace.

The 2nd scarf is made with Fleece Artist Woolie Silk 2-Ply.


I think this color Purple looks so nice with the Split Pea Green in the cape. I'm using the Ruffle Edge Scarf pattern by Mac & Me. Easy and simple - but with a bit of an extra touch with the ruffle. I love me a good ribbed scarf. So scruncy and adds so much air and fluff to the yarn if it's knit loosly.


Look at this cake. I don't know which one is prettier. I can't wait to have my two 08 scarves for the fall/winter!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

To Cape or not to Cape

The Incredible's Edna had the unquestioned position - "No Capes!".

But I wanted a cape.

So I made one myself.


It needs buttons - I just picked up some at Charlotte Yarn. Yes - I visited their new diggs in East Charlotte. NIIIICE! Too much temptation of course - so I need to keep a healthy distance in these sober times. Well - perhaps a weak, sickly distance....

The cape was fast and easy - except the collar. I'm not happy with how it turned out - very severe blocking is required to get it to lie flat. I need to soak and reblock as it curls up unattractively.


The pattern is in the book Wrap Style - and was the "Grand Plan Caplet - lace version" by Ann Budd. She gives you so many options - I will make another plain one, cardigan style.

I'm in jewel tone heaven with this color - and am making a matching deep purple/maroon scarf to match, or perhaps better stated coordinate. The colors look great together.

Speaking of scarves - I have so many to finish before Christmas. Much knitting must take place - soon!

Friday, October 10, 2008

The neatest two year old eater in the world

So Jada spends a lot of time with daddy, and daddy has a bit of an OCD issue with messy eating.

Hence, my video, I hadn't realized how much of an influence he had on her....

Thanks to the Charlotte Purls, EZ Video and our CP KAL - I made my first Baby Surprise Jacket. I WILL be making more of these, I'm on my 2nd and I'm spinning for one for Jada.


Turns into this:


Before I could put buttons on it - Zuri and her mommy whisked it away. It was too cute on her and I'm so mad all my pictures went poof due to no memory card in my camera!!!!

I've been spinning. Much more exiting stuff than this - but this was the first I spun, plyed, washed and knitted:


Yeah - I know - not enough twist in my ply and in places too much twist in my yarn. It was my 1st one on the wheel, and I'm proud of it! :) Makes a nice water bottle cover too!

Friday, October 03, 2008

A Blogging Deficit

Dear blogging world, I have no abandoned you. I can't imagine how many blog entries I am now behind on in my RSS reader. Too scared to look. I do peek on Ravelry now and then and keep up with everyone's projects. I find it so inspiring. But miss the details of the blogs. Maybe in October I will get to catch up.

OCTOBER - can you believe it! 2008 is flying by. My year of lace is almost up. What will next year be - I think the year of the sweater. I am feeling a definite sweater mojo kicking up.

So much to catch up on - and I won't do any of it justice.

First of all - I have wheels.

4 to be exact.

Yes, Four. Not expensive wheels mind you, but they do add up!

It was either a matchless or my 4 babies. I went for the quantity.

I need to name them - but basically - they are:

1> My Kiwi - my office wheel. She was so easy to start on. Took her out of the box, built her and was off and running right away!


I have a bobbin and a half - and that is just because I only got to spin on her a day before I took off on a three city tour.

Side note - Can you believe I went to Dallas, St. Pete/Tampa and New York and didn't visit one yarn shop. That proves I was very BUSY!!

But here is a single spun on her:


So fast and easy!!

2. Hitchhiker - this is my favorite wheel I think. My travel wheel. I used him first and had a hard time. I went back again - and did a bit better the next day but it still was rough. But go figure - I came back from vacation and can spin just fine on him. And I love carrying him on my shoulder anywhere I need him. With a baby around - he's great - I just take him out at night and carry him away in the day. Take down is seconds.


And in travel mode:


3. Spider Chakra - I wanted to be able to spin cotton and silk, but didn't want to spend a lot of money. She's not pretty, but I'm having fun with her. But wish perhaps I had waited for something more portable.......


Ok - I couldn't figure out cotton yet - so I wimped out with some unspun Icelandic. I'll get back to cotton......one day......

4. And lastly - my lazy girl plying electric wheel.


Won't win any beauty prizes, but it spins FAST! Once I'm done with the joy of spinning, I want to ply fast and get to knitting. This works perfectly for that goal. Parts are cheap to - if anything get's broken and needs fixing.

When I'm less tired, I will have to blog more on my entry into the world of wheels. I will just say I can't thank Shiori, Marie, and Nancy enough for introducing me to spinning. I LOVE it!

Only one project to blog on before I wrap.

My Onda Shawl. It combines several loves - shawls, Koigu, Feather N Fan, Green, Purple and Pink.


Once I started knitting it - I couldn't put it down. First of all to move to another Koigu color, then to see how the blended, and lastly I wanted to wear it.


I wanted a green base - but The Needlecraft Center had mostly purples in stock. But I managed to work in a bit of green - yay!


I need a photography lesson to do a better job taking pictures of it. I'm not doing it justice.

Well - I am a good hour past when I should be in bed, so I'll stop now. But you see why I'm not blogging or reading blogs. Between work and travel - there has been so much to do!

Happy Knitting/Spinning Y'all.

Edit - Stacey and Doreen told me my sad photo skills is not doing the Koigu justice.

So - a few more pics....