Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Liisu Sock in progress - Bedrest project #4

So - still on the bedsock craze I started two with real sock-weight yarn versus worsted. much slower going.....but faster than socks with a heel :)

This one is with a really nice wook/mohair yarn made by Liisu. I love the colors - soft blues, lavendars, yellows and greens. Handpainted, nice mix of colors I haven't seen in any other handpainted yarns. And handpainted yarns are a major weakness for me. I also started one in a purple handpainted yarn (see a major weakness) made by Red Barn Farms - a yarn I found on ebay. I had made a crochet shawl with it but it turned out to be too small. So I frogged it and it is now becoming lovely socks. It's mostly made of purple colors (various shades) but every once in a while there is a suprise of royal blue. I need to get a pic of the sock in progress - but I doubt you will see the blue show up. That's a shame, I need to get better pics of these yarns, they are just so lovely.

Jada Tubies - Bedrest project #3

So knitting tube socks for mom and as a gift got me thinking about small tubies for Jada. I have lots of clearance 1 skein of sock yarn balls that I got for kids socks, since it's too little for adult socks. But hadn't use them. So I got some of the balls out and started experimenting. I found a pattern for a feather and fan sock with a heel on the internet. So I used the leg pattern and turned it into a tube sock with a round toe.

More gift bedsocks - Bedrest project #2

And so I started another set of bed socks with some Shepard's Worsted I had. Another super soft worsted, superwash wool. It's fuzzyier and thicker than Supermerino. But just as yummy. I'm not sure I like the color mix as much, but it made very comfortable socks!

Mom's Bed Socs - Bedrest Project #1

While on bedrest - I have been working on my knitting! So one project was socks that I promised my mom since Christmas last year. I knitted one, but one was really, really smaller than the other so they needed to be reknitted. Plus - I had discovered my twisting the knit stitch, and I wasn't about to knit the smaller one again with a twisted stich. So I reknitted them in a bed sock pattern. Basically a tub sock with a twisted rib stitch, and NO HEEL. Nice and fast, especially with worsted Super Merino. The twisted rib helps it stay on the heel properly. They knitted up fast and are oh so soft. The Artyarns Supermerino is a super wonderful yarn for worsted, it's so smooth it doesn't feel like wool but sort of like cotton actually. But with the springyness of wool - hard to explain if you haven't experienced it. Nice and warm too, but not too hot. Pricy, but I guess you get what you pay for.

Monday, October 23, 2006

How do you spell boring.....B.E.D.R.E.S.T

Well there isn't much better to do while on best rest than to knit and crochet. So stay tunned for lots of knitting & crochet pics. Then of course.....baby Jada will be here and I'll be on a happy break. But I will definately get my fill before she arrives.

36 weeks and counting!!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

On a roll.....

More pins!!

More gift pins......

Here are the full set of pins I completed today. I have a bit of trouble getting some of the beads I bought to fit on the pins :( I need to find a way to use them b/c some of them I really like. But these turned out better than I thought!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Gift Scarf/Shawl Pins

I finally got the beads to start working on my scarf/shawl pins. This year I want to have a handmade pin for each scarf/shawl that I give. Here are my first two experiements!

This is a purple pin, for my purple crochet scarf.

This is a green and turquoise pin that goes with the Caribbean scarf.