Thursday, April 03, 2008

PI-ck me up

I've been blue all day. First of all - trying to go back to work caught up with me and I was so tired. I basically slept most of the day - I just couldn't wake up. And I was *supposed* to be working a half-day. I barely made meetings but that was it and slipped by most of what I needed to do. My body is so tired of viruses and being sick. I need spring and outdoor air!

Then the little "M"s I found last night bugged me (pardon the pun) to no end. But I had no energy to check my stash today. I'll have to check it this weekend.

I was dragging around Pi to work on when I had a chance and had it down stairs while watching a bit of "Alvin and the Chipmunks" with the kids. Jada walked up to me and just won me over. She stroked Pi - then she leaned her little head over, grabbed in her arms, leaned her head into it and just snuggled and loved on it like she does her teddy bears. Her little face read "Mommy it's soooooo soft and yummy". She made me smile. Sometimes I feel a bit selfish sneaking in knitting time. But her pure enjoyment made me smile.


I'm past the lace on Pi and just adding in some plain rows before binding off with a lace edging I need to pick out!!!!!! I have a sleep study tomorrow night - maybe I'll get a a ton of it done then while waiting to be observed sleeping. Well, that's something to look forward to.



Connie said...

That is the most precious photo of her hugging that WIP so gently while it is still on the needles!

doreen said...

Sweet baby J, knows the good stuff already!