Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Where am I????

No blogs, no updates, no nothing! Where have I been.

I don't know, just tired and preggers I guess. I've been to lazy to update or even visit other people's blogs. I am knitting - that's good right....

I'm excited about baby blankets. I have 2 on the needles and one on a hook - and my sister is making me one!!!! I think these hand knitted/crocheted blankets will be a special treat to use with a new wee one. And something that she can treasure for ever.

Oh - and that is an update, it is a she. Jada Cherie. Our Wise Darling One.

I also completed a shawl - made out of soft, soft Blue Sky Cotton. It sheds a bit, but it is so yummy to wear. It will make a great nursing shawl too. And I finished crocheting a gift shawl - this will be a Christmas gift.

So - I guess this will suffice as a quick update. I do have some pics of my FOs. I'll have to post them shortly.

Take care cyber-world.....