Tuesday, January 16, 2007

More bread pics

Mom came over and made a lovely loaf with the Food Processor. We had a few more problems than with my first batch. It kept bunching up in the FP and eventually it made a weird smell. I think the motor was a bit strained. But it was just as fast and pretty. :) I'll try it again and try to figure out how to not get that "nub" in the future.

And afterward I had to make some junk muffins. These are Colin's favorite, and I like that I can sneak in veggies (carrots and if I can get my hands on some zuchini sp? that too). It's also full of fruit - what ever I have on hand and of course raisins. This time I soaked the raisins to make them nice and full. But the muffins are healty and yummy. This time I also put in some whole wheat in the four mix which didn't make it too heavy or not rise. Next time I'll up the WW ratio in the mix!!

And lastly - I finally got a Kitchen Aid Mixer. Wow - what a difference it makes. I used it today for meatloaf and MacNCheese. I'm not sure what I love most - it or my FP!! Cooking is fun again :)

Monday, January 15, 2007

Jada socks

First of all - yes my baby girl is learning to play. We were given this little play mat that was similar to what my first 2 had. She is getting more intersted daily. Janeen is the perfect baby sister and will play with her while she is on the mat. It's such a joy this time around watching it all over again, as they learn new things every day.

As for knitting - These little baby socks are addictive! I fished 2 more pairs. The first with Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock in Girly Stripe. Yummy, Yummy, very soft yarn.

The second pair was in Marks and Kittans Clown Sock yarn - a cotton/wool blend. This yarn has an interesting story. It was marked on clearance at Ben Franklin Craft's. I picked up a bunch for the clearance price, but the sales clerk asked me if it was for 2/$1. I said I didn't see that posted, but she thought it was. So she gave it to me for that price. Now - you don't feed a yarn-o-holic like me with 50 cent yarn!! She's lucky I didn't go back and clean the place out!! But I restrained myself. I did go back and get some for my sister however.

Anyway, lucky me - it was nicer to work with than I expected and made a great pair of socks. And I know have LOTS for other projects in the future.

Inspiration Bread

Inspired by my sister (www.mom2rays.blogspot.com) I decided to make bread to. I had a food processor I had purchased and embarassingly enough never used. Guess what - it makes great bread!! So easy to. Not sure what took me so long.

I used the bread recipe for the processor, for whole wheat bread. It's OK, but I want to use my own recipe next time. This time I wanted to see How to make bread in it. Basically put in all dry ingredients, process for 20 secs. Then slowly pour in the wet ingredients - until it forms a ball. Then let it process (knead) for 60 secs). Voila. It's done!!

It rises....punch it. Shape the bread into a ball and Let it rise again. Then bake. I guessed on the baking time since the recipe was for loaves. Must of guessed right, because they were great!! I also brushed it w/ butter since I like my bread shiny, don't know why. I just do.

Next time I'm replacing 1/2 of the water with beer, it is supposed to make the whole grains more "nutty and flavorful". Let's see.....

Saturday, January 06, 2007

More socks for Jada

And more socks for Jada - while I take a break from my socks and make the 2nd sock on all 3 pairs. The pink and purple sock is made with Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock in Girly Stripe. I really like this yarn, very soft and I like the think stripes. I have to make Jada's mommy a matching pair.

And the 2nd sock is made with an odd ball of sock yarn I got at a local LYS. The name of the yarn escapes me at the moment. It's not as soft and nice as the Lorna's. But the colors are more baby-like I guess. If you buy into baby colors. Not me - I like brights for babies. But I would never use this color for myself. So here they are for Jada.

Jason's Socks

It has been a while since I had made Jason socks. So I used my new Sock Wizard software (gift to myself ) and put in a pattern for Magic Stripes gauge socks. While I could have figured it out - I love the sock and sweater wizard. So easy and fast and so many options. Cuff down, Toe up, Wide Toe, Star Toe, etc. So voila - Jason's socks with Magic Strip Denin Stripe. I used a size 2 needle, instead of the recommended size 3. But I probalby could have even used a size 1. I guess I knit really, really loosly. The socks knitted up fast. And of course since Jada is going to sleep at 2-4a every night. I have more than I want of knitting time these days while I try to get her sleepy!!