Friday, May 26, 2006


Here are slippers that I made for Janeen. The front panel has a simple lace pattern. I messed up a bit on one of them, but it's not too easy to spot :) LOL

I have been looking at baby socks and booties patterns. This was a slightly different pattern that I got from the Socks, Socks, Socks - Interweave press book (also the lace slippers above). I used a sock yarn I happend to have. And baby booties for Jada or Jaden:

And baby hats are also a facination at the time - I got a book in WA with a simple hat pattern, and have been experimenting with it. Different yarns, different needles, different edgings, different, CO stitches. So here is my current collection, experimenting with baby hats. Most are knitted, but the baby helmet is crochet (my own pattern). I like these because they are so fast!

I finally finished some items. :)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Pride and Joy

This Saturday we went to a friend's wedding. Jason was the ring bearer. He was a little character - he did well, walked up nice made a few mistakes (like going to stand next to dad vs. the groomsmen ) but he did well. But during the ceremony - he just couldn't let his personality hide - he showed out a bit. A little dancing, a little retying the shoes, a little waving to people in the audience, a little comedian.

That's one of my pride and joys :)

Janeen was a little lady too - she wanted to practice carrying a pillow so she could be a ring bearer for the next wedding :)

As for knitting and crocheting - of course I'm still busy. I've got tons of WIPs and just finshed a shawl. I'll get some pics posted when I get back from Seattle.

Now I'm trying to find baby patters -yes - I will have another pride and joy soon. A bit later in life than I had expected to be expecting - and we hadn't really decided to have 3. But life has a way of making up your mind for you!