Friday, April 06, 2007

OK - now I am just bragging


I have two jaywalkers on the needles. I now know why these socks inspire such rave reviews, they are very easy but so fun. I made one following the pattern and one with a fore-thought heel. An idea I got out of the Sensational Knitted Socks: by Charlene Schurch (get yourself a copy here: I like the heel - I need to knit a bit more to see if it fits as well as the after-thought, but theoretically it should.

The pink socks are made with Fleece Artist yarn, and the blue are made with Koigu. It's one of the wildest Koigu color's I've seen. More stripy than I expected, but fun.

I'm rockin and rollin on these, so hopefully I'll have one each very soon.

Running through the wildflowers socks.....

I finished my socks using the Wildflowers colorway from Sunshine Yarns (purchased on I love, love these socks. She also has a new tighter spun yarn in the same colorway that would probably make even more durable socks. But these are soft and yummy. It started pooling in a weird way on the 2nd sock and I didn't stop it. So that sock looks a tad weird - but I love them anyway. I am going to make a matching scarf of of the extra yarn I have left over.

I used my own pattern - plain ole' knit stitch - with a standard heel and a 4 corners (janet's no-grafting) toe. They fit me perfectly - and that's good because they are mine!!! I've taken a break from gift socks to enjoy a pair or two :).

In the picture one looks way bigger than the other. It's an optical illusion folks. The are the same size! Blame the photographer - me :)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Koigu socks are finished

I finally finished my green koigu socks. First of all - I love, love, love green!! And secondly I love, love, love koigu. So - you know I love, love, love these socks!

I 3 needled bound off the toe and foot because I have lost patience and confidence in my abilities to graft effectively.

The top of the sock is a garter rib pattern - the heel is an after-thought heel. The toe and heel yarn is Fearless fibers - Midnight Blue. I'm making another pair of socks with the rest of this hank.

Finally- I finish a pair of socks - now on to the other lonely 1 completed socks I have in my WIP bin.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Jason's glasses

Poor Jason has eye's like his mommy and needs glasses. The standing close to the TV and holding his DS close to his face were our main clues. The kid's styles are a lot nicer than when I started wearing glasses, but I was hoping my kids wouldn't have my eye weakness. This blog item has nothing to do with knitting, crochet or crafts. But I was just sharing.

Monday, April 02, 2007

2 sock yarn scarf

I have been admiring scarves on the internet made with 2 contrasting sock yarns. So of course despite my many, many WIPs I had to start one!! The difference in yarns is a bit more subtle than I would have wanted, but I like it. Lots and lots of colors.

Jada in her sling

I just had to get a picture of Jada in the sling her Auntie made her. She loves it, and it quiets her down when I have to get some things done or walk around.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Jada's Teddy

I have been wanting to make a teddy bear for Jada. Soft and cute, that she could cherish as made by her mommy. Well - I hadn't got around to it. And my sister found what I thought would be a great color for a knitted bear. But I hate working with chenille and it was a huge cone. Much larger than needed for a bear. So - after trying to get over my chenille adversion, I realized I would never use it and gave it to her. This is her suprise bear for Jada, isn't it cute?? Jada loves it!!

Gift socks

I completed these two gift socks a while ago and hadn't got around to posting them. Actually - I was posting them and my internet went out. The first was made with Schoeller + Stahl Fortissima Big sock yarn that I had. I like working with the yarn -it's super fast on size 5 needles. The second sock I made with Toasty toes yarn. What a lovely, soft yarn to work with and the colors remind me of rugby for some reason. I like both socks and can't wait to give them to the right person.

A Sock Tragedy

My favorite socks, made out of my favorite yarn (koigu) experienced a tragic, catastrophic injury. Somehow, when I put them on this week I noticed a HUGE hole in the bottom of the sock. I had foolishly ignored the labelling and was washing them in the washing machine. I had dried them flat, but the washing machine (even thought it as a front loader) and the constant wearing exacted it's toll. My poor socks.

Doreen had a good idea to buy some suede and put suede bottoms on them. I think I may have to do that. But for now, I mourn my socks. It's made me add more energy to completing the koigu socks I have been working on for a while. So I can have another pair for my tired little toes to wear.