Monday, January 02, 2006

I made it!!! Christmas was wonderful, family and fun. Christmas Eve was at my sister's ( and Christmas after church was at mine. I love the time of year with lots of family and fellowship. And I really enjoyed giving handmade gifts again this year. This has been a huge outlet for me in allowing me to express my creativity.

Here are a few project's I've complted in my week off. I probably could have completed more if I had not started a new project everyday. This break I was a complete homebody and very unfocused. I wanted to use every yarn I own (which is a challenge given the size of my stash...) all at once and couldn't wait to start many projects. As a result, very few got very far along and I finished none of the projects I had started before Christmas. I can see what January is shaping up to be - a FO month!

Here are Jason's socks, of course I made them like just big enough to fit him. So chances are they will be Charmie socks very soon! And yes - they don't match on purpose!

And from the Twisted Sister's Sock Workbook, they had the idea of treasure bags. Basically a chance to play with sock patterns and techniques, but not have to do a heel or two of them!! I love sock yarn and I wanted to try out some new techniques so this was a great idea. Here is my first treasure bag!

And two more treasure bags in progress:

And lastly - I have not stopped with crochet. I read an idea for a crochet scarf, so this is it in progress. My plans for it is a lot more exciting than it looks right now, but it is taking a loooong time with sc with fingering weight!