Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A little knitting, a little ranting

First the knitting - I have always wanted to make something from Victorian lace Today (). The smaller of the Two Sampler Shawls especially caught my eye.

I cast it on last week and have been totally besotted with it. I cannot put the thing down, almost like Pi did to me. I seriously need to finish Hemlock. But I'm in the endless feather and fan rows, and it is truly mindless. So - I use that for when I really need no concentration on knitting at all.

All other projects are sitting there, getting on my nerves because I want to get more done and am so stuck on the sampler shawl.

I'm not convinced I picked the right yarn. I decided to use lace stash. I love the green, but I think a light solid yarn would have stitch patterns more effectively.

So, I'm actually dreaming about when I finish this shawl and start another one. Crazy - as this is a month long project *at least*.


Getting a good picture has been a challenge - if I don't stretch it out and hold it it looks like a big blob of yarn. But the frequently changing patterns totally have me interested. Plus there is a mix of lace knitting and knitted lace. I've decided I'm not a big fan of knitted lace (yarn overs on every row not just the right side rows) - but it is interesting to see the difference in the fabric.

It's a great pattern to really explore lace in multiple aspects. I'm going to stop feeling guilty about neglecting my other projects and give into enjoying it!

Now the ranting.

First of all - full-disclosure. I'm voting for Obama. My mind is made up. I have a lot of very real reasons for voting for him - I've watched many, many, *MANY* of the debates. I've looked into the issues. I've listened and read the fact checkers. I'm an NPR, BBC and CNN junkie - so I have my reasons. Most of which are completely missed by the pundits "guessing" on what someone like me considers important.

Early on - I was in love with the debating of the candidates. I thought it was great that we had such a wide variety of topics being discussed. Yes, of course, in the land of politics much was superficial. But every once in a while, we dug into a real issue. And the sheer number of conversations means that the real stuff bubbled up more often than normal.

But now - I run like the plague when ever politics comes up on NPR, CNN or anywhere. Only on BBC can I listen with out silliness. I'm so sick of hearing one sound bite analyzed to death. If anyone makes up their mind on that crap (I don't care who it is from Obama, Clinton or McCain) they are crazy. OK maybe not crazy, but let's just say gullible? And I happen to think many Americans are a bit smarter than they are being given credit for right now.

The obsession with "reality" TV makes me question this assumption, but that's for another rant. Let's just say - my opinion is forget "Reality TV" and just be "real". Live your life, not someone elses. When I watch TV, I want it to be "Fake TV" or Information (ie. News). When I want reality - I have "Life". :)

I'm tired of being treated like I have to have my thoughts spoon-fed to me because I'm incapable of making up my own mind.

I'm sick of people speaking to me in 3rd grade English. Even my 3rd grader is past 3rd grade English!

I don't need someone to reinterpret what is said for me, I'm capable of hearing it and evaluating it myself. Just give me context.

Things can change, we are not doomed to blindly repeat the mistakes of the past.

I'm sorry if your experiences and life views make you cynical and unable to discuss topics with an open mind. I can - so let me decided what is best with the benefit of information not commentary.

Am I making myself clear?

Just give me my NC ballot and let me vote.

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Virtuous said...

GREAT post!!

Yes, we should all give in more and enjoy ALL of our knits and not feel guilty about it.

And I am so with you about te whole nit pick every sound bite of the candidates it does get on your nerves!

LUV your points about Reality TV and totally agree about I can live my OWN real life. Sadly not too many people want to which is why they escape to the reality shows...
That is a whole 'nother social issue!

Again, great post and totally echo your thoughts!