Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Fetchings

I decided last night when I couldn't sleep to join in on the Charlotte Purls KAL. Here is how far I got. The yarn is Lana D'Oro Tweed by Cascade Yarns which has been in my stash for ever. It was one of my first "real" yarn purchases off ebay a mix of Alpaca and Wool. I have 3 bags of the stuff and this poor hank has been in a ball for 3 years. Miss Fetching is a perfect fit!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Double Dare Me

I'm off to Seattle tomorrow and have some serious knitting to get done.

1. I need to complete a prayer shawl we will delivery to a mom next Saturday. Her son is in a coma at CMC after being hit by a car. He's 7 years old. As a mom - my heart goes out to her anyway. But as we have put our time at CMC with Jason during his 6 years, I empathize even more. So - please say a prayer for Jeremy and his mom that wakes up from his coma. And a quick one for me that I suspend my dislike of Homespun enough to concentrate on getting the shawl done!

2. I have a sudden, selfish need to finish a vest and sweater for me. I can feel the coolness in the air......occasionally. Well, rarely, but I know fall is coming if only for a day. And I am going to look good in my retro vest and sweater!

3. My Christmas shawls have been sidelined for way too long. I can't knit lace to well while in meetings and that is when I do most of my knitting so I can concentrate and not do email! So - I've got to get back to the lace.

4. And lastly - I have to resist adding to the stash. It's totally out of control.

So - I'm double daring me to come back with more than one FO and while I'm not sure I can go on a trip and not by some yarn. Let's just say I need to limit it to yarn I can fit in my suitcase without paying for extra poundage on the plane. I think I left myself enough wiggle room there to win my dare :) Let's see. And hopefully a few pics as well for the blog.

Oh - and I get to hopefully meet the founder of my company at my 15 year service award dinner :) He's a little someone most people have heard of before :) If I do - I will make sure I have digital camera in hand to capture the moment!!!!!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Near Instant Gratifcation

Due to my constant bouncing between projects - none of the socks I was working on were progressing fast enough - and I wanted a new pair of socks!!! The owner of Rave Knits had waved some Universal Classic Worsted yarn in front of me - 20% Wool/80% Acrylic. Normally the yarn snob in me would have ignored the yarn, but after having my 100% wool socks burnout in the sole, I'm not as hot on all wool socks anymore. So I thought that yarn may make a great sock. It does!!! And I finally got Green socks on foot instead of on needle - after two days!!! It's a quick knit on size 2 needles, almost as quick as Jada's socks.

So tonight - I'm wearing my near instant gratifcation socks!!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Christmas Presents - Caterpillar Scarves and Hat

I decided to make these cute scarves and hats from Merino Farms for Christmas presents for the little kids in my life. I still have to add the eyes and eye brows but they are a quick cute knit. I love using bright colors. The Brown/Yellow is knit in the Merina Farms 3-ply worsted. The Green/Blue is knit in Malbrigo. Ahhhh - that is such a lovely, soft yarn. Doesn't feel anything like wool. I have GOT to make a sweater in it. It's a pretty big hank too, 2X as much yardage as the Merino Farms at about the same price. I like MF too - it's very soft. But I like the variation of color in the Malabrigo and you can't beat the price for the ultra softness. It's almost like knitting roving though. Be careful - I broke the yarn trying to bind it off twice!!