Thursday, May 01, 2008

Teacher's pet

I voted this week - have you?

Why not? Do you want to wait to stand in long lines next week?

Of course not - vote now!

You may never have another chance to influence a primary again as a NC voter!

WIP update - I seem to be determined to distract myself each week from my existing WIPs with a all consumming project.

This week's purchase of Noro Kureyon sock & a little inspiration from The Peace of Yarn has sparked me to replace my lost Flower Basket scarf that I loved. But I think I will love this one even more.


I'm now convinced that Kureyon sock is much better as a lace yarn than a sock yarn. I have visions for my other sock balls!

And lastly - men!!!!

Guess what my husband did to make me take this picture:


After 14 years, I have not grown used to his tooting. It will still get on my nerves when we are in wheelchairs next to each other.

He will kill me if he ever checks out my blog. But I told him I was going to get him back for letting it loose in my office.


MrsPurls said...

The color work of the yarn is gorgeous!

LOL @ "tooting"!!

QueenDBW said...

I love the colors of your scarf....LOVERLY!! My DH thinks it's cute too....MEN!!