Saturday, January 29, 2005

slippers I crocheted and felted for janeen. made from lionbrand Fisherman's wool. I made adult size, and felted down Posted by Hello

My 2 precious children Posted by Hello

Wendy Aran yarn (Burnt Orange) Shawl Posted by Hello

Magic Stipes Ripple Stich Shawl (just started) Posted by Hello

Trekkin Socks yarn shawl Posted by Hello

Funky Wool Scarf Posted by Hello

Munesh Tessin Shawl Posted by Hello

Lion WoolEase Thick and Quick Shawl Posted by Hello

Mom's Lion Suade Shawl Posted by Hello

I have pictures online

I haven't figure out how to get them on this site yet. But I uploaded them to Imagestation.

So here goes. Here is a link to one of my shawls, I made this using the Lion Brand shawl pattern, but used WoolEase Thick and Quick. I just kept going until it was 60" wide. I then went around the edge putting 2 hdc in each loop, 4 hdc in the corners.

This is with Munesh Tessin yarn, pink in color:

I'm still working on getting these to work. Let me try this out and I will update more later!

PS - this didn't seem to work, but i figured out Hello, see my pictures on the site!

Back in Town

Hello - I am back from a business trip to Seattle. Of course I had to crochet and knit during my trip. I have to take advantage of the long flight!

This trip I focused on shawls. I made 2 new triangle shawls. I found a pattern that works with any yarn, just basically keep going until you reach a width of 60". It's the patten on the lionbrand site, for a Lion Suade shawl ( But the pattern can be easily upgraded to any yarn. I made one with Woolease T&Q!

I used them during my meetings, and everyone loved them.

I also found that the craft shops in the Seattle area are a lot nicer than the ones here in NC. They sell more variety of yarn, nicer yarns, and supplies. I didn't have time to visit many, just 2 very quickly before they closed. But I was impressed.

I'm still trying to figure out how to add photos. I need to add photos of my shawls, felted slippers, scarves, etc.

That's all for now - we are supposed to get an ice storm today! Fun, fun.


Thursday, January 20, 2005

Hello World!

I have been reading a lot of blogs recently has I have become re-energized with crochet and learning knitting. So I decided to start one!

It has been a crazy past few months. I started back crocheting and decided to learn to knit because my son was in the hospital for his final heart surgery. I knew I would have a lot of sitting and worrying time - that I would want to pass. Plus, it was right before Christmas - so I wanted to make gifts for Christmas.

So - I started making lots and lots of scarves.

But now that I am back into crafting - I am pursuing a lot of projects. Scarves, bags, purses, shawls, hats, slippers. This is a spot to keep everyone updated on my current craft.

My sister is into crafts as well. We will either blog together, or she will start up another site soon.

Stay tuned!