Saturday, April 19, 2008


A few goodies that have come my way. Something to smile about while work is the typical crazy pace it always is during this time of year. It's planning time - lots of deadlines, meetings, and decisions. Although I've done this for many years - it has not gotten easier except I now know it's not going to get easier. So my acceptance level is set.

Having a few knitting goodies come my way is a welcomed break from work.

First of all - from my sister.

She was able to attend The Yarn Harlot's stop in Charlotte, while I was working (yes, planning) and watching the kids. She was so sweet to pick up a book and get it signed for me.



I wasn't expecting that, I'm a lucky girl.

She also gave me some lace yarn she picked up in a swap. She thinks it has bamboo content, I'm curious after seeing it. It looks like Zephyr to me. So - I'm wondering if it has silk in it. It's lovely - and I will definately put it to good use!



I mentioned in an earlier blog my knitting tragedy.
One word - PROTECTION thanks to Amazon and speedy shipping.




'Nuf said about that subject.

And last goodie:


The Knit Witch lovely yarn bowl! Actually, my bowl has a sister that is downstairs. I wanted an upstairs bowl and downstairs bowl for my areas when I usually sit and knit more complicated projects. The bowls are beautiful and perfect. I will have to take more pictures later of the nice features. Thank you Brittney for two lovely bowls!

Lastly - I stretched out my shawl a bit and got a few more lace pictures. I'm still on the fence about the yarn for this project. I love the yarn and colors - still not sure it was right for this. Thoughts?




I worked on Hemlock at the Charlotte Purls meeting today. No pictures though until he's done!

Last goodie - do my pictures look nicer? I got tired of my little Radio Shack clearance special I picked up for my blog/yarn photos. I have a Canon Rebel SLR camera my friend basically gave me for my "real" photos of family. But it's too big and heavy for my crafting and blog shots. So - I picked up a little camera last year but I could never get good results with it.

Today - I picked up a little Sony Cybershot DSC-T70. Sony introduced me to digital photos before most people had a digital camera. I had one that took a "floppy drive". Remember those? It worked great, actually, for it's day. I loved it and have been hooked in digital photos ever since.

Excuse the fuzzy camera phone picture:


So - I'm happy to return back to a Sony. This camera is fun - with a touch screen interface. And the best feature - it can tell when the subject is smiling! Not really useful for yarn - LOL - although my yarn smiles. Doesn't yours? But it will be for those quick shots of the kids.

OK - I procrastinated enough. I'm supposed to be working on two presentations and an online survey for Monday. Planning season! Back to work....


doreen said...

like the new clean look
glad u liked the ook and yarn
idk about the green, super pretty, but hard to see the pretty lace pattern you are doing.
i want to see the new cam. . . maybe tomorrow.

doreen said...

oh, and 2 yarn bowls!!!!! you will love them. This one is pretty, so what does the sis look like? I love mine. I take it everywhere!

turtlegirl76 said...

I think once it's blocked and you're wearing it (provided you wear lighter colors under it) it'll be much easier to see the patterning. Remember, lace always looks like boiled ass until it's blocked. The green is perfect for the leaf motif.

Virtuous said...

I was just going to comment how your pictures are so much better! Yah! Not to mention your new blog background!

And so very sweet of your dear sister! I knew she would take care of you at the YH book signing ;o)

You get all of those moth-away boxes for $6 bucks?!? SOLD!

Hope your week is not all that stressful!
Hey you haven't gotten your spindle out in awhile (or at least talked about it) definitely use as needed!! :oD

Have a blessed week!