Monday, April 10, 2006

Shawl Progress

I am making shawls. I while I love making them, they take forever. But I decided to post a few pics of them in progress.

The first shawl is made out of Jaegar Trinity. It is a cotton silk blend, DK weight. And I really like working with it. I thought I liked Silky Wool, but this is even softer. I am using the traditional feather and fan pattern. I'm also making a linen one, but I feel in love with the Trinity yarn and have made more progress on it.

The 2nd shawl is the KnitPick's Sock Memories Shawl ( I'm using Sock Garden from KnitPicks since their sock yarn is on clearance. It is very, very soft and affordable if I considered making this with something like Koigu or Cherry Tree Hill, although it would be stunning. Unfortunately - you cannot see the patter in my picture, but it looks like little houses. This is my most challenging, large lace project yet. But it is repetative and easy if you know lace. It's just challenging for me because I am new to lace. But I'm getting it. I like lace, it has replaced socks right now for me as what I love most to knit.

Last but not least - of course I have to add another picture of Janeen. My little girl is growing up so fast.