Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Knitter's Nightmare

I decided to take pictures of my little stash beside my bed - it a small basket, nearby, close at hand. It's not my best yarn. But it's nice yarn. Had some lovely lace hanks/balls I wanted to catalog.

I was happily digging in it taking pictures, writing notes and then I saw it.

A ball that looked like it had been chewed on.

And yucky white powdery dust.

And deeper still little carcasses.


I was too upset to get a decent picture. I couldn't get it to focus in on the mess the little pests made.

I'm also suspicious that this ball arrived with these little pests inside b/c it was almost totally destroyed and I couldn't see any other balls that were touched. Although most were thankfully in Ziploc bags.

I'm sort of anal about putting my yarn in Ziplocs anyway. It's sort of rare I have anytyhing I really like that is not in plastic. I figure if one bag is destroyed - OK, but not a whole basket or bin of yarn.

Nevertheless, I had a few sock balls in there that were untouched. Maybe it was the nylon? Anyway - I can rest a tiny bit that perhaps as it was my smallest section of yarn the rest is ok. You better believe I will inspecting the rest tommorrow.

This sad little bunch is getting all of their rear ends frozen solid. Hopefully - this will kill any remaining that are hiding. I even threw in the offending ball in it's own little baggie although I cannot see how I can salvage the yarn. I would have to dig down so far to get to untouched yarn and the little droppings gross me out.

They even pooped on my crochet case! Yuck.

Oh well - it had to happen being the stash queen that I am. My upstairs stash has industrial strength moth protector in some of the bins. Strong enough to keep even me away.

But down stairs - where I live I have relied on either herbs or little baggies to keep it all safe. Maybe I will have to rethink - or buy an industrial strength freezer to store my yarn lovelies.


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Virtuous said...

Gurl who are they?!?! Leaving droplets and all!

I am SO sorry and I know that is upsetting!

Gurl you just reminded me how I need to go ahead and protect m little stashette NOW!!! What do you use for moth protection??

But I am glad you decided to start cataloging your yarn or it would have been even longer before you would have seen it!! Yikes!!