Saturday, February 02, 2008

What a Week

No blogging this week. And I say Ravelry is to blame. I spend so much time on Ravelry that I have no time to blog. Ravelry is such a temptation. So many patterns and yarns to drool over and dream about. So many great people to keep in touch with, meet, and learn from. I've got to find a way to make better use of my time so I can blog, Ravelry lurk and of course knit!

This week I got fiber from Etsy. Super soft merino. I need to post pics - but am too lazy right now to drag out the box and take pictures. Now if I could only spin the kind of yarn I want to - nice and thin. I know I shouldn't be so impatient - I've only known how to (barely) a week. But the fiber is so tempting.

I did go through the motions with my first batch from the 1 oz. of fiber I purchased in Seattle. I spun it - about 1/4 was the weight I wanted. The rest sort of ranged from probably DK to worsted. I soaked it, and then let it dry. It's just an energized single, I haven't figured out yet how to get it to ply. I saw Shiori wrap it around her hands in Seattle, but how she did it was a blur. Hopefully I will learn this weekend when I stop by Charlotte yarn to get some spinning help from Fairiegirl and TurtleGirl76.

I also started a Vest from Knitting Classic Style. Why? I'm not sure. I had more projects I wanted to do more, especially Fair Isle. I've been itching to start a vest or sweater not that I've had a little taste of it. But I had the yarn in stash, and thought the texture was nice and before I knew it - it was cast on! I didn't need another project mind you. I had hoped to get 2 malabrigo lace scarves done this week so I can start another, larger project.

And I haven't even started the Charlotte Purls KAL yet- My lovely Malabrigo Loafers.

I can't explain my knitting this week - except to say I was distracted. All yarn looked good to me and I wanted to start something new much more than I wanted to finish what I already have in progress.

I cast on this too:

This is 2-ply Morehouse Merino Farms. I bought 6 skeins and was a bit disappointed because the color was not what I expected. I couldn't decide how to use it - but then decided to make another Checkerboard Lace Shawl - My 3rd. It's an easy pattern - sort of mindless, but I like the look. And this yarn is working up great in it. But again - I did not need to start another project.

So - I'm promising myself except for spinning I won't start anything next week until these 2 scarves are done:

With any luck - I'll have some FOs to report very soon. Maybe during the Superbowl- I'll get a bit of knitting in. Colin's heading to a Superbowl party, but I'm going to be a good mom and stay with the kids, knit, and anxiously wait for a CP Lady to win the Superbowl Pool we tested this year. It's been a fun experiment - mixing yarn and football. Perhaps next year w/o the last minute nature of this pool - we can get a bit more creative.

Basically - anyone who wanted to participate had to put $11 into the pool (~ the price for a lovely Malabrigo skein. Guess who offered up that as the yarn of choice :)) Then they picked the 4 conference champs, League Champs, and Super bowl winner. There was a point systems for each level of correctness - and then they had to have a tie breaker guess of the final score of the SB. So - on sunday - someone will have $88 to spend on lovely yarn. Not me - I lost pretty early when Dallas and the Colts were eliminated. So much for my Football skills. But it was fun, and we will have to try something like it next year.

Anyway - it's time for me to head to night, night. I've got to wake up my husband off the couch - Disturbia (our Friday night movie) put him to sleep - and migrate to bed.


turtlegirl76 said...

There's always the NCAA tournament coming up. That might be fun too. =)

Virtuous said...

Gurl I don't know how you do it!

You have so much OTN. I start going into a "freeze up" mode when I have too many things going on!

And I am sure you can crank out the loafers pretty quickly. I have to go back and pick mine back up too!

Since I was knitting the soles 2 at one time I haven't been transporting it anywhere in fear of becoming all tangled up (again).

I am actually knitting up smaller insert soles (as a suggestion from Coco) and now onto knitting the soles again for the regular/normal fit to PU stitches around those to make the upper part of the loafer. Maybe I can get those done this weekend and start up on the upper loafer next week....well that is the Plan Man! ;op