Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mystery Shawl Clue #1

I'm not quite done but not sure if I will be able to post pics before I move to Clue #2. I will be visiting the lovely ladies of the Eastside Stitchers tomorrow and hope to move past clue #1. That is if I can resist spending time with my new spindle.

I decided after a lot of deliberation to use Morehouse Merino Varigated lace weight. I'm only knitting from the stash these days, and I was going to use this for something else, frogged it, and decided to use it for this project. So far - I like it - it will be the perfect colors for spring & summer. We have several vacations planned - I can see this shawl going with me stuffed in my bag for a chilly evening or dinner AC.



Virtuous said...




C├ęcile said...

It looks great Janet. Did you get clue 2 done yet. This is also my first mystery knitting, my first lace knitting and my first KAL. figured I'd just do all at once. I love the colors in your yarn. I can definitely see that as a summer wrap and didn't think about how easy it would be to pack. Mmmm, if I keep mine for myself I could pack it too.


Janet Richards said...

I am now done with clue #1 and 1/2 way through Clue #2. I should finish it on the plane tomorrow :) I'll have to visit your blog and see your shawl too :)