Sunday, February 24, 2008


I'm slowly getting better, emphasis on the slowly. This isn't a craft for those who like instant gratification. I'm working on my patience.

Green Merino - I was aiming for a sport weight. I need to check the WPI, it looks to be more like DK to me.


And this is a mix of lots of different fiber samples I have - including a 1/4 silk hankie. Also a wool, angora silk blend - yummm. Not much fiber of any sample so I spun it thin, and then just did a simple 2-ply. I liked spinning silk :) And softness and feel of this hank is so different than the wool handspun, even the merino. It is soooooo soft and it feels very fine. Begs for lace IMHO.


I also bought some superwash wool on Ebay from Brown Sheep. It is very silky and soft, no grip to the yarn at all b/c it's superwash - duh - didn't expect that one but it makes sense. I'm still learning how to spin it because without the little grip on the yarn my small spindle keeps flying off into space. Maybe I'm spinning it too thin, but I'm just not a fan of thick yarn.

I'm now really wanting a wheel. Must resist.

On another note - this is my year for fearlessness remember!!

I've signed up for 1) the Year of Lace 2) Mystery Shawl and 3) Sock Knitting Pentathlon 2008 on Ravelry. Let's see how this goes - it may not be Fearless Knitting, but Foolish Hoping. Let's hope it doesn't turn into the latter! I've also joined Stash Burning on Ravelry - I've got to knit all above from the stash! Bust the stash in 2008 :)


turtlegirl76 said...

It's looking good!

Connie said...

These look nice Janet! I can't wait to see what you knit with them.