Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Random Thoughts

I have been getting my butt kicked for 2 weeks now. Well, really 4 - but for 2 weeks it's been really hard. I finally decided to commit to fitness.

First of all, by way of explanation, you may think this should have been a conclusion of mine a long time ago. I have been overweight basically since my daughter was born 9 years ago. But I'm an all or nothing sort of person. I can't just tip toe into fitness, either I need to be fit or I won't feel any motivation to do anything. Colin getting his personal training license tipped the scales for me. I finally had no excuse and I knew I had someone who I would be accountable to do it right. I told him 4 weeks I ago, I wanted him to be my personal trainer and I wanted to see results quickly. Not to lose a lot of weight, I know that is unreasonable. I want to lose weight the right way, so it stays off. But I wanted to build muscle tone and endurance.

Almost immediately after I made this decision, his fitness company started a 12 week fitness challenge. Hence - the butt kicking I've been speaking of. But it has been good. I feel muscles in my abs for the first time in years. They are under layer of fat, but they are there struggling to emerge.

However, there are no short cuts. Going from knitting being your primary form of exercise to regular butt kickings means injury. And my poor neck felt it yesterday. So - today I head to the chiropractor so the butt kickings can resume. And I can lay off the hydrocondone which I hate to take.

But the time on my back let me finish a few things:


Trekking XXL socks of my own design. They took so long to make, I completely lost gauge on the second one and it is noticeably bigger than the first. That's OK, it gave me a chance to keep them instead of give them away!


Another view - these will be my jean socks. I love the tiny stripes and jean friendly colors.


Mmmmmmmalabrigo Lace in a simple 2X2 rib. I wanted to feel the squishyness, and this is the most squishy scarf ever. It feels like you are wearing air, seriously. It's so soft and compfy. A portable lovie. It will be hard to let her go, but I think she wants to be a gift scarf.


Poor Jada- mama has discovered headbands. I can't get enough of these, and now I converted it to crochet - I can whip one out in 15 mins in any color! This is what Jada thinks of mama's headbands:


Janeen loves them too - she is begging me for blue and pink ones.

Lastly - the mail had gifts. 4oz of lovely fiber I haven't taken a picture of and this cutie spindle.


Now I can really spin *anywhere*. It is so tiny and cute, Laceweight is no sweat on this baby spindle. But It's so tiny it doesn't spin very long or maybe I don't have the technique down yet. Nevertheless, I love it! it came with a silk hankie that I've seen in books, but I have no idea what to do with. I'll have to experiment with spinning silk.

Look for more finished objects soon - I'm on a kick - I want to work on some fair isle but I can't CO w/o getting some of my current projects (mostly shawls that I've been working on for Christmas gifts for 2 YEARS!!!!!) done!


Virtuous said...

Good for you on buckling down with your fitness/wellness this year!!
It is hard continuous work and I so need to get back in the game too!

Now see if you just do 2 socks at 1 time you would be all set!! ;op

Happy Love Day!

Hope the remainder of your days are overflowing with LOVE!

doreen said...

You go girl! I'm so proud of you. I know the committment you've mad was hard, but stick with it. Soon you will see results and it will be rewarding!
Let me know when you need to go clothes shopping I'd love to tag along!