Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Square Peg.....

I finally got my little light spindle. The lovely lady at Weaving Works recommended this little beauty - and she is square!


She spins fine and true. I love it!!!!! They let me practice in the store, and I was so happy with how long it spun and how light it is. The spindle is made by Spindlewood Co - owned by Steve and Connie Paulsen. Their spindles are so lovely - it was hard to choose just one. I chose a little dark beauty - like me :)


I'm getting almost cobweb weight on this spindle. But I drop it too sometimes going a bit too thin. I'm getting better with some fiber I picked up to practice on.

Yummy colors!


I managed to resist getting yarn except for a birthday gift for my sister. She will have to wait and see what it is though. No pictures!!!


turtlegirl76 said...

NICE! That spindle is gorgeous. You're doing so well!

Virtuous said...

The spindle is so unique I like it!

We had someone else using a spindle last night too!

Lovin' the fiber colors!

And Yes! Doreen's b-day is tomorrow! Can't wait to see her Seattle b-day yarn!

Safe travels!