Sunday, March 02, 2008

Malabrigo March

March is shaping up to be a great month.

First of all - I received my lovely gift from my swap partner in the Ravelry Malabrigo swap. I was spoiled. She gave me 2 - two - lace weight hanks of Saphire Magenta. I love lace weight because you can make something really, really big with two hanks. The color is lovely and even better - not in my stash. I've been so spoiled with Malabrigio in February so I have got to make something with it in March.


Then - she made me matching stitch makers. The greens and purples of the yarn are duplicated in the beads she choose. Won't I look cool with a project where the stitch markers match the yarn :)


And then for the goodies. Dark Chocolate Truffles mmmmmmm :) And Good Earth Organic Sweet and Spicy Decaffeinated tea. I came back from Seattle a bit run down - sore throat, coughing, etc - and the tea has really hit the spot. It is so lovely and flavorful and sooths my throat and makes me feel all over good.

What a great treat!

I'm having so much fun with the Mystery Shawl - I've just finished clue #2.


Starting Clue #3 this week.

And - the first Sock Knitting Pentathlon started this week. I have yet to start - hope to cast on tonight. It's my first Magic Toe cast on, Toe-Up, Short-Row heel sock. I've been sort of stuck on the traditional top down. The pattern looks good - a gansey diamond pattern. This contest is great for trying new patterns and styles. I know I won't win, however. The first winner from Germany finished both pairs in 9 hours of straight knitting! And there were several shortly after her. I won't even try to stay in their league. First of all my neck, shoulders and arms would kill me. I have to take breaks just to keep from tightening up. To knit 9 hour straight sounds like a recipe for being totally locked up in bed for a week. I love to knit to much to put myself out of commission for that long. :)

Here's the pattern - and I picked out some green handspun BFL sock yarn for the sock. yum.



I've also started back on Jada's Tomten Jacket. I was a bit irritated with having to pickup the stitches, the first few times looked terrible. This go around it is a bit better and I'm tired of frogging it.



Virtuous said...

Great Malabrigo package! Will you end up doing Round 2 in April??

Look at you always modifying adult patterns for the little ones! Can't wait to see you tomten modeled on your precious! :o)

doreen said...

Your swap package came just in time to pamper you. I hope you are feeling better. I miss my sis. Oh and thanks for telling me about the tea and getting me some at TJ's I'll have to keep an eye out for the organic, it's so yummy!The Tomten is coming along.