Friday, October 03, 2008

A Blogging Deficit

Dear blogging world, I have no abandoned you. I can't imagine how many blog entries I am now behind on in my RSS reader. Too scared to look. I do peek on Ravelry now and then and keep up with everyone's projects. I find it so inspiring. But miss the details of the blogs. Maybe in October I will get to catch up.

OCTOBER - can you believe it! 2008 is flying by. My year of lace is almost up. What will next year be - I think the year of the sweater. I am feeling a definite sweater mojo kicking up.

So much to catch up on - and I won't do any of it justice.

First of all - I have wheels.

4 to be exact.

Yes, Four. Not expensive wheels mind you, but they do add up!

It was either a matchless or my 4 babies. I went for the quantity.

I need to name them - but basically - they are:

1> My Kiwi - my office wheel. She was so easy to start on. Took her out of the box, built her and was off and running right away!


I have a bobbin and a half - and that is just because I only got to spin on her a day before I took off on a three city tour.

Side note - Can you believe I went to Dallas, St. Pete/Tampa and New York and didn't visit one yarn shop. That proves I was very BUSY!!

But here is a single spun on her:


So fast and easy!!

2. Hitchhiker - this is my favorite wheel I think. My travel wheel. I used him first and had a hard time. I went back again - and did a bit better the next day but it still was rough. But go figure - I came back from vacation and can spin just fine on him. And I love carrying him on my shoulder anywhere I need him. With a baby around - he's great - I just take him out at night and carry him away in the day. Take down is seconds.


And in travel mode:


3. Spider Chakra - I wanted to be able to spin cotton and silk, but didn't want to spend a lot of money. She's not pretty, but I'm having fun with her. But wish perhaps I had waited for something more portable.......


Ok - I couldn't figure out cotton yet - so I wimped out with some unspun Icelandic. I'll get back to day......

4. And lastly - my lazy girl plying electric wheel.


Won't win any beauty prizes, but it spins FAST! Once I'm done with the joy of spinning, I want to ply fast and get to knitting. This works perfectly for that goal. Parts are cheap to - if anything get's broken and needs fixing.

When I'm less tired, I will have to blog more on my entry into the world of wheels. I will just say I can't thank Shiori, Marie, and Nancy enough for introducing me to spinning. I LOVE it!

Only one project to blog on before I wrap.

My Onda Shawl. It combines several loves - shawls, Koigu, Feather N Fan, Green, Purple and Pink.


Once I started knitting it - I couldn't put it down. First of all to move to another Koigu color, then to see how the blended, and lastly I wanted to wear it.


I wanted a green base - but The Needlecraft Center had mostly purples in stock. But I managed to work in a bit of green - yay!


I need a photography lesson to do a better job taking pictures of it. I'm not doing it justice.

Well - I am a good hour past when I should be in bed, so I'll stop now. But you see why I'm not blogging or reading blogs. Between work and travel - there has been so much to do!

Happy Knitting/Spinning Y'all.

Edit - Stacey and Doreen told me my sad photo skills is not doing the Koigu justice.

So - a few more pics....




Miss 376 said...

I love the colours in the shawl. I bet it will be lovely wrapped up in that. I never realised there were so many wheels for spinning, and there's nothing like getting totally immersed in a new skill

Virtuous said...

I knew about the first 2, but you got four babies now! I still like the travel one too! so cute!

And I can't believe you didn't visit one LYS while traveling!

Look forward to seeing you this afternoon!