Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why I love my wheel

These were spun on my Hitchhiker - 2.7oz of superwash for Jada's Baby Suprise Jacket.


I tried to spin it fine - in some places too fine. But it was only my 2nd roving on the Hitchhiker. I think it turned out great!



And I also plyed my first pencil roving spun on the Hitchhiker. Much less fine, but still - I love how it turned out. I'm just not sure what to make with it.


I love my spindles, but this is so much faster.


And portable - I took my HH to Charlotte Purls meetings twice so I could finish the superwash.


Here I am at the Purls meeting with my HH :)

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Thanks Stacey for the snapshot of my portable spinning :)

I'm still working on my 8oz Roving on the Kiwi - pictures of that soon.....

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