Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Anticipation, Anticipation, is making me......

Stalking the mailman. My wheel(s) are on their way. Yes, WHEELS!!!!!

The lady at the Woolery was like "um, may I asked why you ordered more than one wheel"? So - why. Well - I had budgeted for Matchless, but then I thought. Hmmmmmm - I can get a less expensive wheel for a couple of other tasks. Plus - since wheels hold their value pretty well - I can always sell it and get the Matchless later if it was a mistake.

Soo... I ordered....

Well - I'm going to string it out a few blogs. Why should I be the only one waiting?

Let me get caught up on a few other projects.

First of all - I wanted to knit Jada a fall sweater. I found this cute pattern in the One Skein book, that had never caugth my eye before but this time I fell in love with it. I roamed around Cottage yarns for an hour searching for the perfect yarn. I decided on Malabrigo, where I should have started but didn't because I didn't think it was Chunky enough.


This project is full of colors I love - and for a baby it's pefect. Squishy soft, colorful (she won't get lost!), warm, loose, moveable, easy to take on and off. Plus - it was a fast knit.


See - fits her perfectl - ie. a little loose with room to grow! I decided to crochet the buttons with advice from Doreen and Jenny. I had a fruitless search for buttons, but they were right. Crochet buttons were perfect - I don't have to worry about lead in the metal buttons I was looking at and/or a choking hazard.


This is my favorite project in a while. It makes me want to make sweaters, something I've never wanted to knit before.

So - I stareted another one - Victorian Baby Tee - for Jada with Serendipty Tweed.


I love the color, the lace and the garter bands. I also love the neckline of the sweater. This is going to be another favorite project.


I'm working on a ton of lace scarves for Christmas gifts. My gift of choice this year. Not sure if I will make it on all of them. I get a little bored....

Have you seen the newest knitting magazine out? I am in LOVE with so many patterns in this little gem.


I'm not a fan of the DB yarns, to pricy with too little yardage for me. But she knows how to make an attractive patterns. Her sloucy beret is on my short list of fall projects. Just working on the perfect yarn for it....

Look at these little friends in our yard/garage:



Sorry for the blurry picture on the last one. I was trying not to get to close, he was a bit jumpy. Ha, Ha, Ha :)

What's up with Coat's and other company tring to get exotic on us? The Auntie Lydia line has come out with a Bamboo Thread - that looks exactly like a high price lace yarn. For $2.49!


So - of course I got some to experiment with.

I'm currently obsessed with My Onda shawl. You take 7 Koigu colorways that vary from dark to light or really anyway you want them to - and blend them.


I'm knitting each section obsessed with joining in the next yarn - I'm so excited to see them together. I think this will be my travel project over the next few weeks while I visit Dallas, St. Petersburg FL, and New York in order. Lots of plane, airport time to hopefully get her finished. And she will be a great conference shawl for the next batch of conferences I will have to travel to.

Let me end with some pOrn - of the yarn variety.


Camelspin, Vintage, Pure Luxury. Yum.

Next blog - I will be spinning. Squee!


Knit Witch said...

Lovely knitting and yarn!!!

Oh and GO OBAMA!!!

doreen said...

squee!!!!!! the buttons came out perfectly! I am looking firward to seeing the wheels and your handspuns.

nancy said...

You are so busy! Love the yarn, love the finished sweater; love the soon to be finished sweater. But really, I wanna konw what the TWO spinning wheels are!?! I love your golding too - let's see what you've spun on it!

Nik said...

I COVET that last skein of yarn. you SHOULD play nice and give it to me.

TURBOchic said...

"He was a bit jumpy." LMAO. Good gravy, I love a good pun.

It looks like you are gearing up for "winter" with all those projects on the needles.