Wednesday, October 15, 2008

To Cape or not to Cape

The Incredible's Edna had the unquestioned position - "No Capes!".

But I wanted a cape.

So I made one myself.


It needs buttons - I just picked up some at Charlotte Yarn. Yes - I visited their new diggs in East Charlotte. NIIIICE! Too much temptation of course - so I need to keep a healthy distance in these sober times. Well - perhaps a weak, sickly distance....

The cape was fast and easy - except the collar. I'm not happy with how it turned out - very severe blocking is required to get it to lie flat. I need to soak and reblock as it curls up unattractively.


The pattern is in the book Wrap Style - and was the "Grand Plan Caplet - lace version" by Ann Budd. She gives you so many options - I will make another plain one, cardigan style.

I'm in jewel tone heaven with this color - and am making a matching deep purple/maroon scarf to match, or perhaps better stated coordinate. The colors look great together.

Speaking of scarves - I have so many to finish before Christmas. Much knitting must take place - soon!


IrishgirlieKnits said...

That looks absolutely fantastic on you!!

Virtuous said...

Such a craft gurl going out to make what you want! :o)
Luv the button!!

Leslie said...

Looks great! I've got a question - what does this mean? (in the pattern). "Mark the raglan sleeves as follows".... what is "mark the stitch"? I know that I should put an open ringed marker in this stitch, but then what?....

Do I then slip the stitch? Knit the stitch?
(RS) knit 15 for the left front, mark next stitch, K10 for left shoulder.....

What do I do for "mark the next stitch".

Thank you!

Janet Richards said...

Thank you. Yes - if you mark it - you also have to knit it. Do not slip it unless the pattern tells you to as this will create a different look. In future rows, you will slip the marker, but still knit the stitch.

I hope that helps!