Friday, October 10, 2008

The neatest two year old eater in the world

So Jada spends a lot of time with daddy, and daddy has a bit of an OCD issue with messy eating.

Hence, my video, I hadn't realized how much of an influence he had on her....

Thanks to the Charlotte Purls, EZ Video and our CP KAL - I made my first Baby Surprise Jacket. I WILL be making more of these, I'm on my 2nd and I'm spinning for one for Jada.


Turns into this:


Before I could put buttons on it - Zuri and her mommy whisked it away. It was too cute on her and I'm so mad all my pictures went poof due to no memory card in my camera!!!!

I've been spinning. Much more exiting stuff than this - but this was the first I spun, plyed, washed and knitted:


Yeah - I know - not enough twist in my ply and in places too much twist in my yarn. It was my 1st one on the wheel, and I'm proud of it! :) Makes a nice water bottle cover too!


turtlegirl76 said...

It knit up quit dandily though! I like the look of that water bottle cozy. Nice job!

Knit Witch said...

Wow! Amazing! MY 2 year old never looked like that!!! She is so cute too!

Virtuous said...

Haha! @ Mini OCD Jada!
Hey I wonder if she will be left or right handed?!?
I noticed she started off left and then swithced to right...GO LEFT HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!! :op

I need to get on my BSJ fast! You and Doreen have left me in the dust! Haha!

Have a great weekend Janet!