Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Voted!!

Early voting started today in NC. So I took some time off work and voted!

It's done - after months of breathless anticipation, concern that my canidate would not making through the rough primary season - it's done. My vote is cast.

I was suprised at how many people were there. Half were senior citizens. And due to the ridiculous setup where you carried your ballot for EVERYONE to see across the room to machine. I was not suprised to see these Concordian's voting for McCain.

Figures - all the McCain/Palin signs I see around Concord. I hate living in Concord sometimes.

But we are a battleground state, and every vote counts. So - go Davidson, Chapel Hill and Charlotte and other more progressive areas - I'm pulling for you to swing us to Obama!

Our neighbor and I are going to put up lawn signs - just to buck the tide a bit......I'll have to let you know how long they last before they are ripped up and destroyed.

As I'm on a political roll - I have to release this into cyber space to get it of my chest. I'm so unsuprised, but incredibly disappointed in the contingent in America who is unable to look past someone's skin to the ideas and abilities they possess. I can totally respect someone who cannot vote for Obama due to his positions or platform. But the vague - "He's not like us", "I just don't trust him" and worse that is moving from whispers (you always knew it was there) to statements and shouts in Palin Rally's is dispicable. I almost wish McCain on you if you are that ignorant. Too bad my children would be left with the consequences. America has come a long way, but clearly has territory to cover. I pray these next few weeks remain peaceful. And if we are fortunate enough to have an Obama Presidency - that it ends in election or after 8 years - not due to the close mindedness of some among us. And if that happens -- maybe a few more will realize that just because someone is browner than them - doesn't mean that they are less American.

Now back to the safe world of fiber......

Actually- I'm very worried about the fiber world, if it can withstand this downturn. But that's another blog.

But - two scarves I started to coordinate with my cape:



The yarn is Ella Rae Lacy Merino. So squishy and soft. Incredible yarn and dying.

Look at this cake of lovelyness:


I decided to try the nice yarn out on crochet. And the results are wonderful. The stitch is the crazy stitch. It's my second scarf using this pattern, and I think I'm going to write it up and publish it (for free) - I've gotten a few questions on the first scarf with Malabrio Lace.

The 2nd scarf is made with Fleece Artist Woolie Silk 2-Ply.


I think this color Purple looks so nice with the Split Pea Green in the cape. I'm using the Ruffle Edge Scarf pattern by Mac & Me. Easy and simple - but with a bit of an extra touch with the ruffle. I love me a good ribbed scarf. So scruncy and adds so much air and fluff to the yarn if it's knit loosly.


Look at this cake. I don't know which one is prettier. I can't wait to have my two 08 scarves for the fall/winter!


Knit Witch said...

I TOTALLY agree with you!!! I can respect anyone's view as long as it is an informed view on the issues. To not vote for someone because they are old or young or female or black is friggin ridiculous!

We voted early too so count two more in the bucket for Obama!!!!!! Sadly, we are in a Republican abyss here in GA though..........

KARIN said...

I voted today, too! If your Obama sign disappears, I suggest making a huge sign that says Obama 2008- If you steal this sign, I will donate $10 more dollars to the Obama campaign. Or do as I do. I have Obama!!! Yes We Can!! written in shoe polish on my rear car window. I felt my bumper sticker wasn't big enough. ;)

I'm so in awe of your knitting prowess. Off to read the rest of your blog!

soCherry said...

Good luck in your election :)

From a Scottish girl rooting for Obama from Glasgow!

I ended up on your blog from Rav, looking at Ann Budd scarves.

Love the pics!