Monday, March 10, 2008


The Charlotte Purls KAL has totally distracted me. I had been looking for an excuse to knit the Hemlock Ring Blanket - and then there was one.

It has been a fun knit through the flower, now I'm in the feather and fan - let's hope it stays fun - I've always had trouble with FnF - I usually get really, really bored.


I'm also a bit distracted by my Mr. Greenjeans Malabrigo sweater in Lime Blue.


And I am still trying to work on my Pethathalon socks, Mystery Shawl, 'lil Janet socks - I'm in a bit over my head!


Connie said...

Your hemlock is looking great so far. I really want to knit it one day. Looking forward to seeing it done!

turtlegirl76 said...

The Hemlock is looking lovely but oooh Mr. Malabrigo Greenjeans!

Virtuous said...

Gurl you didn't waist anytime!!!

How about you can defintely have your Malabrigo GJ for the March Malabrigo Ravelry KAL!! YAH!

Now you know you are the master of multi-knit projects!! :o)

MrsPurls said...

Love that color for the Hemlock!!! You're every those multiple projects!!

doreen said...

Your hemlock is looking lovely and the MMMMMMMMalabrigo Greenjeans, I'm definately going to have to play the sister card and try to borrow that one!