Wednesday, March 26, 2008

5 Days of Seclusion

What do you have with 5 days of forced seclusion and when your manager refuses to let you work so you can stop getting sick!!

Pray.....a lot.

And knit of course.

Now that I've stopped long enought to take a breath - I realized my WIPs are totally out of control. Just ltake a look: and I don't even have all of them loaded. My goal this week is to complete Pi and Hemlock - and hopefully the Split Leaf Shawl (another WIP forgotten in a bag in my room) that I am going to give to a coworker that has been so sweet to take over my meetings this week so I can rest.

First of all - the family project is so close. I didn't expect us to get this far this fast. We are cruising. It would be done if I wasn't in quarentine.


I'm on the last section of Pi before the border. Each round takes around 30-45 mins depending on how medicated I am. I'm so excited though. I want to see it blocked!!! This has been the most exciting project *evah* I think. It's simple but so cool. I want to do another one - but I think I am going to do a Pi Are Square next. I've been trying to figure out the yarn.....


I restarted the Mystery Shawl with JaggerSpun Zephyr 2/18 in Basil. I have a cone of it - 5000+ yards. I'll be 90 before I finish it I'm sure. But it is perfect for this shawl. The Morehouse yarn because it was a singly ply and varigated, didn't really show the pattern as well as I would have liked. It made it look too casual. When I saw others on Ravelry or in the Yahoo group, it needed a more elegant yarn. You can never go wrong with Lace and JaggerSpun I have found. And this time is no different.


Hemlock is going along. I discovered a mistake I've been making I'm too embarassed to confess. I was being too cocky and not really looking at the chart closely enough. I'm back on track now.....


Poor Mr. Greenjeans - I love you and want to give you the time you deserve. You have to remain on hold waiting for the sleeves and body until I get past my Pi obsession.


I'm making this Split Leaf scarf in NatureSpun Sport - I so love this green. Yeah that I have a cone of it left for a much larger project. I just took a bit of it off for this scarf. My friend Liz has been so great this week doing her job and taking on mine so I can rest in peace. I'm going to suprise her with it in April. Shhhhhhhh.


Lastly - finishing the lace swallowtail shawl gave me courage to find my Hempathy version. I love the yarn, color and feel - I just got a bit mixed up on the edging and then stuffed it in a basket in my office and for got it was there - along with another shawl that I have no idea why I stopped knitting on. Sigh. I will have to take pictures and add it to Ravelry another day. But I did add the Hempathy shawl. I love this yarn and will use it again for something else one day.


That's enough for now. I am getting to the poing where I need to take another set of meds. And trust me, you don't want me to blog as high as these little babies send me. Why anyone would voluntarily take on this feeling, I don't know. My brain slows down the the pace of a snail, and I'm suprised my knitting hasn't been impacted - although I do knit slower.

Chat with you later.


turtlegirl76 said...

I hope you feel better soon! The WiPs are all looking fantastic! LOVE the Pi shawl!

Virtuous said...

Your WIPs are awesome!

doreen said...

I'm glad to have talked to you today. I'm missing you, you MUST get better soon. Those WIPS are impressive. They all look wonderful.

Jane Prater said...

Sorry you are sick, but you are making great use of your convalescence. I love all the lace.

Jane P