Thursday, March 27, 2008

Well Worth the wait - Year of Lace Spoiler!!!!!

Don't proceed if you don't want to be spoiled as to the March Year of Lace project.

OK - now for everyone else. I signed up for, paid and patiently waited for the Year of Lace since last fall.

First of all, you have to understand how much I love laceweight yarn. My first love was sock yarn. And my stash is evidence of this. I still like sock yarn a lot, but I'm sort of maxed out until I work through my stash.

But then I discovered lace yarn. Which, by the way, was hard for me to discover. Many LYS in my area do not care it or carry a very limited amount. But then I discovered buying Lace yarn online. And oh - the possibilities are endess:

- Yarnplace
- Webs
- Knitpicks (which has new colors and a new lace line - Gloss)
- Schoolhouse Press
- HandpaintedYarns.Com
- ColorSong
- Fearless Yarns on Etsy
- Others on Etsy and Ebay I have forgotten.

Are all some of my favorites. And I know I haven't found all of the great places. Then slowly - I started begging at the LYSs I visited, and they started carrying them too.

So - I have a bit of a stash in Laceweight now and need to slow down because you can knit forever with lace weight yarn. That's why I love it. You can get 1800 yarnds for $16!! And such pretty colors and fiber. Ahhhhhhhh.....

So - when the Year of Lace signup was announced too much temptation. And I wanted to be challenged to try something new. I couldn't wait for the first package and it was finally announced to ship from Canada on Monday - March 24.

I received it today - and it was worth the wait.

1100 yards of 100% silk in a unique colorway just for the Year of Lace participants. It's a brick red color - chosen by Sivia Harding who wrote the pattern. The yarn is made by Claudia Handpaints.


The picture makes it look a bit more orange than it is.

The pattern is lovely - a triange shawl with beads - a first for me.


I have so many WIPs, I need to hold off on starting this but it is oh so pretty. And well worth the wait. I can't wait for the June installment - a non-triangle project. Yeah - I'm sort of at my fill of triangle shawls at the moment so this is coming just in time!


Virtuous said...

Thanks for your list on where you buy your lace yarn! ;o)

That shawl is going to be beautiful! Especially in that lovely sunset red!! :oD

doreen said...

ohhhhhhh, fire chills on my spine, now dat der's some pury yarn!