Friday, March 28, 2008

Hempathy Swallowtail

After finishing the lace Swallowtail, I figured out how I could fix the edging on this Swallowtail. I started her on vacation last year. I had seen Hempathy before, but thought it was too rope-like. But in Gordonsville, VA - I saw it again and picked up a ball to swatch. I loved the feel after it was knitted. I went back to to Limerick Yarns and snatched up all of her Teal and Yellow and started Swallowtail that week. The nupps were so much easier with DK weight than lace weight. I flew through the shawl. Until I got to the edging and my count was off and I couldn't find out where.

So - off she went into a little ziplock bag in the bottom of my workbasket - only to find a bit of light this week. And with the experience of ONE swallowtail behind me - I'm an expert now of course - decided to figure out how to get the edging on regardless of the lack of stitches at the end of the repeat.


Got it - and it looks great. It's so different with a hemp/cotton/modal blend versus wool. The stitch definition is great, but it still needs a bit of blocking to see the lovely edging points. I used 5 balls and like 20 feet of the 6th ball. Couldn't believe I ran out of yarn on the last 12 inches of the cast off!

I think this yarn would be so pretty in a lovely spring/summer lace shell. Maybe the Interweave Knits Bonsai. I will use Hempathy again!


And I have 4 balls left - not sure if I'm going to trade on Ravelry or find something small to make:



Virtuous said...

Ooooh Aaaahh! That is major over there gurl!

doreen said...

love it, so lovely, so nice!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

That is absolutely beautiful!! Great job! The color is gorgeous too!

turtlegirl76 said...

I just picked some up yesterday at the shop. It's great stuff! Swallowtail looks awesome in it!