Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Myrtle Beach Finished Objects

I love vacations! We don't get to spend as much time as a family as I would like, so vacations are great for spending quality time with C and the 3Js. For the past 2 Christmas vacations we had hoped to get to Orlando and Disney World. I hear it's great to go Christmas time - no crowds! And really pretty. But - due to the arrival of Little Miss Jada - we have stayed a bit closer to home and went to Myrtle Beach. It is also great about the lack of crowds, but you get to see the beach and relax. This year we stayed in a new place Sea Glass Towers. The Condo was a bit small - 1 bedroom - for 5 people! But the view was great. You could see all of Myrtle Beach and the water. 2 1/4 walls were solid Glass :) C and I want to go back just the two of us perhaps :)

Here are the pics of our trip. I didn't get to go to the beach because my Blood Pressure was high that day and I had a headache. How can your blood pressure spike when you are on vacation? :( Another reason I need more vacations right?

Windows Live Spaces

I also love that I get to knit a bit more. This trip I wanted to make a Tam. I bought a book at the Seattle Weaving Works called Knitted Tams by Mary Rowe. First of all - Weaving Works is an Amazing store. I have a new love when I go to Seattle!!! You can find not just knitted items, but items for spinning and looms. But the yarn - so many choices. I was in heaven, except but broke! I bought some Shetland yarn because I have been wanting to try out Fair Aisle, and I thought a Tam would be a great project because it's small. The Knitted Tams book gives you great possibilities and teaches you how to design a Tam not just copy a pattern.

I didn't want to start out with color work until I was familiar with the shape, so I had some natural wool that was the perfect weight.



Not bad for my first try!! Now to try color work.

I also decided it was best to try to finish my present for Jada, and apparently just in time!!

This was a pattern I found in The Wheel, a magazine produced by Ashford who makes looms and fiber tools. They had a cool pattern called simply Cache that I have never seen anything like it before. It is sort of like a wrap for babies and innovative pattern. Soon as I saw it - I thought Zuri!



But it was a little big :( It fits Jada. But Zuri will grow into it!


Details for both projects (Yarn, needles, etc are on Ravelry).

I just need to add the buttons.

UPDATE: I updated the photo to include the Cache with the updated buttons. Aren't the Cows too cute! I found the buttons at Rave Knits when she was closing down. I bought several cute sets of buttons for future kids items. Now I just have to get knitting because these buttons are too cute to just sit in my stash!


Virtuous said...

Glad your vacation went very well!

The tam did come out really nice and I can't wait to try out color work too!

The wheel is SUPER Cute!!

doreen said...

I just saw the vacation pics! looks like you guys had fun. The condo looked nice too with all of that view! The tam really turned out cute. I know you will have fun on making more in colorwork.
We love Zuri's cache! Everything about it, the color, the fiber choice, the design. Thank you so much for this beautiful baby gift, and just in time!