Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My 2nd Tam

These are addictive little projects. I started this one at the Saturday Charlotte Purls meeting and just wrapped it up. This one was made with Cascade Ecological Wool and Noro Kureyon. Both were great in this project - and it knitted at a larger gauge than her sister did. It could also be that I held the yarn a lot looser this time too having learned my lesson with the 1st project.


I like how the color work emerged. Here is #2 with her sister #1.


I think this pattern is a bit easier than the first one since there are many rows early on that have just one of the yarns. But that said - knitting with the two yarns isn't too bad. I did trip my self early on by trying to talk and knit and lost count. I had to frog a few rows because I didn't realize it until later. But once those rows were in place, I could knit the rest with less concentration.


I have to now start #3 - I'm thinking about making this with 2 solid yarns. I saw a hat that TurtleGirl made with Silky Wool that I liked the photo of. I have some of that yarn, so I may try it with that yarn. But I also wanted to try a sport or fingering weight and see if I can adapt it for my 14 month old. I think she would be so cute in a baby Tam. I'm headed to Seattle next week with lots of time to knit - so, I will have time to experiment!


Connie said...

Well your first one made me place this in my Q and I also had to order size 4 circ and am waiting to get it to start.

I think I like this the best! The colors are so pretty and it looks so hard, but you promised it isn't!

Virtuous said...

It came out SO beautiful!!!

Have safe travels to Seattle!

Janet Richards said...

I can't wait to see your Connie - I bet it will be stellar! You will have fun - it sort of like working a puzzle :) I really like it and now am trying to find the pefect Fair Isle vest/sweater pattern :)

Nik said...

you know, these hats are really lovely.

Make me one.

MrsPurls said...

I love your Tam #2! The color combo is beautiful! You need to teach me how to do that.

doreen said...

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! The noro worked up perfectly through the piect too!

turtlegirl76 said...

#2 looks awesome!! Colorwork is addictive isn't it?