Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I Need a ReTouch ...... Crochet Tam

While on vacation I picked up this cool crochet book that I just had to start using. Hip Hats and Cool Caps by Afya Ibumo. It's rare I find a book where I want to make everything. But I do with this one. My daughter has picked out her favorites and I have to make Baby Jada some cool caps too. This book has crochet hats that are in fashion and doesn't take expensive yarn to look good. I'm not usually a Red Heart type of person, but it made sense for this hat as I wanted to make it immediately and wasn't near my stash or a yarn store while on vacation. And It's durable and long lasting.


This hat may end up as a gift as I know a young lady who will love it. I still have to add the bill, but it was too cute and I hat to post pics. I have many more of these in my plans for the future because it was super fast and easy crochet. And did I mention cheap? As it's super cold in NC this week & I really need a ReTouch - I bet I will be working some of these hats by end of week too!!!


I decided it would look better with a brim, so I added that on afterward.


Plus - it's my first finished object of 2008!!!!!

On a sadder note - I seem to have returned from vacation with out my lace scarf. I really need it this week and am so sad to have lost it so soon :( I hope I left it at my friend's place. It was my most prized knit and I wore it everywhere - it's so sad to loose something you have spent so much time creating :(


Virtuous said...

OOH No!!! You are kidding me about the scarf!! I hope it returns to you soon!

I really like the hats!! I need to learn how to increase in crochet! ;op

Gurl you are a jack of all trades!

doreen said...


Jscothammerquist said...

I love that book also, but alas I can barely crochet ! Hopefully I will get to it one of these days.
It is tough to loss an item that you are found of, especially when you have made it yourself. Luckily, if need be, you always replace it.