Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ladies Leaving a Legacy

Yesterday was such a lovely day. Our Site Community organizer - Michelle Thomas [who literally knows everyone and I mean *everyone*]- sent email out to the African American women's alias for tickets because Microsoft was a sponsor of the event. I had not heard of it before - although Microsoft has participanted since the beginning for 5 years.

WOW - the event is a fund raiser for UNCF. Ladies Leaving a Legacy is organized by Vanessa Mitchell. This lady has a heart for service and love - and a really great time! Her favorite color is Orange and it showed. The decor was lovely with splashes of orange everywhere. Ladies who have been for a while know Mrs. Mitchell's tastes and the lovely organge outfits were all stunning. Let's just say everyone was dressed - as several speakers said - wearing our "dress up clothes". And the furs! I have no furs and can't really get into depriving a little animal of it's skin. But they sure were beautful on the gorgeous ladies.

The day was so positive and uplifting. There was prayer, a poem reading and just positive messges. A doctor of integrated medicine spoke on wellness and taking care of yourself in body, spirit, mind, socially and civically. POWERFUL! I have already started to take steps in this area and the overall message was so confirming. A lovely lady was honored for her service to the McCory Y and community. She was so lovelly and cute. Such an example of the Prov 31 woman. I want to be her one day. I just was amazed in her commitment to give back. And she was even working the crowd as she accepted her award!!! Gracious lady. I have to look up her name and update the blog.

I forgot my nice camera and brought my Radio Shack special, so please excuse the photo!


My tablemates were Microsoft employees and/or the wife of an employee and my friend Monica. We had the best, most positive converation. I am inspired to start a mini-LLL luncheon once a month at MS. We all decided that we need to regularly inspire each other in career, health, and overall wellness. Just drawing from their strength for 3 hours was so uplifiting to me. I want to spend more them with them. We all committed to also stay in contact and grow our network in LinkedIn. Of course with Michelle at our table, and she knows *everyone* so many leading ladies of Charlotte stoped by and was introduced. Especially if they were from Spelman or a Delta as Ms. Thomas is! :) I'm so bad with names, but I remember faces. One of the most memorable is a Lady is is chair of the newest community bank in Charlotte - Legacy Bank. It's in the capitol raising phase now and if I had some expendable $$, I would invest. It is a chance for *us* to be in at the ground floor of a bank! Not to many of those opportunities come around. Mrs. R. Flowers, a coworkers wife, sat next to me. She is just a spark of joy. We chatted about our babies, organic food, detoxing and loosing baby weight! We have a lot in common!

I can go on and on about LLL. My friends of color - next year I will be encouraging you to go!!!! If you are in Charlotte, don't miss it!

And lastly because it was not the most important part - the freebies :)

Vanessa loves orange and has a generous spirit. She spoiled us - this was my little loot.


A lovely bag - given to everyone.
A beautiful butterfly pin - given to all 1st time attendees.
Lovely hoop earrings - for those at a sponsor's table.
A program and wellness tips.

Something to remember a great day by! I'm looking forward to the pictures to be posted to the LLL site for 2008 and ladies - please join me in 2009!

And to make this a bit knitting related blog entry - I forgot to mention my Eastside Stitcher's friend Shiori is going to teach me to spin this week when I'm in Redmond!!! She had promised she would teach me when I came back and she found me in Ravelry so I could keep in touch with her. I let her know I'm coming and she is going to bring a hand spindle and fiber for me! I am *soooooooooo* excited. This group spins the most beautiful yarns. I've been drooling each meeting seeing what they have come up with. I so can't wait. And with the great SAFF news - Diane from Creatively Dyed Yarns is going to host Charlotte Purls at SAFF!!!! And feed us too!!!! I'm going to try to be able to spin well enough to spin some laceweight for a super special shawl/throw for me at home. Portable hugs is what I call them. :) And I've always wanted one that I spun the yarn. I'm so excited!


Virtuous said...

Ooh! Thanks for blogging about the LLL! It seemed like a wonderful occassion!

And Dianne will also be back in March to give us a taste of spinning too!! :oD

doreen said...

WOW LLL, What an awesome opportunity and special event. This just sounds so wonderful. I want more details than what you blogged here.