Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Jada's "Classy Baby Blanket" - Bedrest Project #5

This is a pattern called 'Classy Baby Blanket' from Morehouse Knits. And while I have the yarn from the company too and started it - the yarn had a LOT of straw and materials in it. It made it so slow to knit. Plus - it's not superwash. SO I got some Cascade superwash and made this one, it went really fast and I just love the colors and softness. I need to find some satin to hem the sides since it curls as it is all done in stockenette. In the pure wool, it would be less of an issue b/c after washing it it would slightly felt, at least that's what I will do with it when I get around to that version.

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doreen said...

I LOVE THIS BLANKET! Hand knitted blankets for baby are the best! You will love wrapping Jada in this every time. I'm glad you made this one. Have you thought of crocheting an edging or do you think it will take away from the look?