Thursday, November 09, 2006

A year later - 2nd sock completed - bedrest project #12

I woke up this morning with the idea to complete something that had been suffering at the bottom of my WIP bins....So - I cast on and cranked out this sock. I decided to take the risk. First of all - I have a lot of 1/2 made socks - not because i dont' want to finish them but because I used to knit twisted :( and these socks are all made with a twisted knit stitch. you can really tell when you put the sock on - it makes this very tight ridges. This sock is in this vein. But I thought with it being worsted weight - and probalby just my around the house socks - it doesn't matter. And I'm not enough of a perfectionist in this instance to do the other sock over.

So - 9p or so today it's done. 2 socks. One twisted, one not. The non-twisted looks a lot better to me. But they are both warm and comfy. They are knitted in Stahl Big Print sock yarn. My own pattern - 44 stitches with a short (10 row) ankle and a 2X2 ribbing which goes into the instep.

Now to get my next worsted socks on the needles...... I'm going to make the Elizabeth Zimmerman's woodman's socks. I got another one of her books - Knitting Around and I also found the pattern in her newsletters books. It's a pretty basic pattern, but I wanted to see now the garter stitch in the heel works out. Also - it's a longer sock than I usually make. Maybe this will be the pattern I make for dad.

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doreen said...

I can't tell the difference in the photo. The only difference you will probably notice is in their give and stretch. I like the yarn print and kudo's on your own pat!