Monday, November 06, 2006

Janeen Afterthought Heel Socks - Bedrest Project #8

So - I had never made Janeen socks. I had made her house slippers but not socks. So I took a Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted in Bittersweet and made these. It is my first socks with an afterthought heel and boy is it fast to make with worsted weight! I like the afterthought heel, although I had to redo the first one a few times to get it right. I just followed Elizabeth Zimmerman's instructions, no pattern, and it worked out. The socks are a bit big, but I wanted to err on the side of being generous so she can grow into them.

Again - sort of my own pattern. I started with 40 stiches on size 5 needles. Ribbed for a while, made a small ankle area - then I put in the waste yarn. then I knitted for 8", and then put in a toe. I went for a shaped toe instead of a round toe like I normally do and I actually completed the Kitchner's stitch!!! I found a visual on b/c I was too dense to figure out insert the need in "knit" wise or "purl" wise. Didn't make any sense to me until I saw the step by step on knitty. Then it made perfect sense!! Know I can graft along with the best. Although it's going to have to grown on me. I likes my round toe!!

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doreen said...

I saw here wearing these at mom and dad's house and thought they were just too cute! I had to brag and show her my socks you knit for me. She liked them too!