Monday, November 06, 2006

More to come...

For the following Bestrest Projects - still on the needles. I switch them around so I don't get bored!! :)

- Shepherd's Sport Socks in Aslan - using the Oak Ribbed pattern in Knitting vintage socks - I'm on the heel on the first sock. Knitted on Size 1s.
- After Bertha Socks knitted with a handpainted purple yarn from Red Barn Farms (I think) found them on eBay a while ago. Completed one sock, started the 2nd. These are being knitted on size 1s.
- After Bertha Socks in Liisu sock yarn. 80% done with the first sock. On size 0s. Can do this one too much, strains the eyes and fingers!
- Triple Cable Muffler in BS Organic Cotton on Size 6 needles. The pattern calls for size 9s, but this must be a misprint. I got the perfect gauge on both scarves with 6 needles.
- Dug out a Feather and Fan shawl I had stopped making in Jaegar Trinity. It's a future gift shawl, might finish it now if I'm so motivated. Size 7 needles.
- Jada tubies in LB Magic Strip yarn, some scraps I had left over from a shawl I made. Just make up another baby tube sock pattern. After jada arrives, if these all work well, I'll have to write these patterns up...Making them on Size 2 needles.
- Ribbed socks made with a Lana Grossa striped yarn. Found this in the bottom of a bin. Had one sock done, and had for some reason stopped on the heel with the second sock. I've picked them back up and knitted down to the gusset, I guess about 1/2 way.
- Grandma's Checkered lace shawl in KnitPicks laceweight alpaca/silk yarn. I want this baby for me - so it's the one I'm spending the least time on right now. I really want to enjoy this shawl when completed. The yarn is lovely and it will be so soft and light. I'm taking my time with her. :)
- Need to start some socks for dad...

I guess that's enough. How many will I complete before Jada arrives:) How many will I start... Most of these are just stocking up on Christmas gifts. I'll be well stocked this year, no last minute rushing for me. The only item I'm procrastinating on starting is a baby blanket as a shower gift for a coworker. The blankets are a bit tedious for me. So I'm pausing before I tackle this one. I think it may have to be an after Jada project - when she's not sleeping at night!! :)

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