Tuesday, January 16, 2007

More bread pics

Mom came over and made a lovely loaf with the Food Processor. We had a few more problems than with my first batch. It kept bunching up in the FP and eventually it made a weird smell. I think the motor was a bit strained. But it was just as fast and pretty. :) I'll try it again and try to figure out how to not get that "nub" in the future.

And afterward I had to make some junk muffins. These are Colin's favorite, and I like that I can sneak in veggies (carrots and if I can get my hands on some zuchini sp? that too). It's also full of fruit - what ever I have on hand and of course raisins. This time I soaked the raisins to make them nice and full. But the muffins are healty and yummy. This time I also put in some whole wheat in the four mix which didn't make it too heavy or not rise. Next time I'll up the WW ratio in the mix!!

And lastly - I finally got a Kitchen Aid Mixer. Wow - what a difference it makes. I used it today for meatloaf and MacNCheese. I'm not sure what I love most - it or my FP!! Cooking is fun again :)

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doreen said...

Bread looks yummy! Congrats on the KA, You will love it, it's so powerful! I need the JM recipe! I want something to throw veggies into.