Monday, January 15, 2007

Jada socks

First of all - yes my baby girl is learning to play. We were given this little play mat that was similar to what my first 2 had. She is getting more intersted daily. Janeen is the perfect baby sister and will play with her while she is on the mat. It's such a joy this time around watching it all over again, as they learn new things every day.

As for knitting - These little baby socks are addictive! I fished 2 more pairs. The first with Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock in Girly Stripe. Yummy, Yummy, very soft yarn.

The second pair was in Marks and Kittans Clown Sock yarn - a cotton/wool blend. This yarn has an interesting story. It was marked on clearance at Ben Franklin Craft's. I picked up a bunch for the clearance price, but the sales clerk asked me if it was for 2/$1. I said I didn't see that posted, but she thought it was. So she gave it to me for that price. Now - you don't feed a yarn-o-holic like me with 50 cent yarn!! She's lucky I didn't go back and clean the place out!! But I restrained myself. I did go back and get some for my sister however.

Anyway, lucky me - it was nicer to work with than I expected and made a great pair of socks. And I know have LOTS for other projects in the future.

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doreen said...

awww, she's so cute lying there playing, and the sock pairs look great too!