Monday, January 15, 2007

Inspiration Bread

Inspired by my sister ( I decided to make bread to. I had a food processor I had purchased and embarassingly enough never used. Guess what - it makes great bread!! So easy to. Not sure what took me so long.

I used the bread recipe for the processor, for whole wheat bread. It's OK, but I want to use my own recipe next time. This time I wanted to see How to make bread in it. Basically put in all dry ingredients, process for 20 secs. Then slowly pour in the wet ingredients - until it forms a ball. Then let it process (knead) for 60 secs). Voila. It's done!!

It rises....punch it. Shape the bread into a ball and Let it rise again. Then bake. I guessed on the baking time since the recipe was for loaves. Must of guessed right, because they were great!! I also brushed it w/ butter since I like my bread shiny, don't know why. I just do.

Next time I'm replacing 1/2 of the water with beer, it is supposed to make the whole grains more "nutty and flavorful". Let's see.....

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doreen said...

wow, these look awesome. I can see why they ate them all up, they just look way too yummy!