Saturday, January 06, 2007

Jason's Socks

It has been a while since I had made Jason socks. So I used my new Sock Wizard software (gift to myself ) and put in a pattern for Magic Stripes gauge socks. While I could have figured it out - I love the sock and sweater wizard. So easy and fast and so many options. Cuff down, Toe up, Wide Toe, Star Toe, etc. So voila - Jason's socks with Magic Strip Denin Stripe. I used a size 2 needle, instead of the recommended size 3. But I probalby could have even used a size 1. I guess I knit really, really loosly. The socks knitted up fast. And of course since Jada is going to sleep at 2-4a every night. I have more than I want of knitting time these days while I try to get her sleepy!!

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doreen said...

Very cute socks. . . I want to ask what was Jason doing, but then I remember Mom and Dad got some shots like this of me from when I was around age 5.