Friday, December 22, 2006

My new favorite socks

And I'm not done yet - but I love the colors. These will be my new favs!! The green is Koigu (my favorite sock yarn) and the toes and heel (once done) is Fearless Fibers Midnight blue (my new almost favorite sock yarn). The sock is done with a Garter Rib stich in the cuff and top of sock, and an after-thought heel. I have the hated kitchner's stitch on the toe, which I somehow managed to mess up a bit, but it's not too noticable since it is done with size 0 needles and a really really tiny boo-boo. As much as I love socks, I have got to get better with the kitchner's.

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Anonymous said...

yummy yummy koigu! The colors look very nice together!