Friday, December 08, 2006

More WIPs - Socks on 0s

I'm a loose knitter. I must embrace that fact and just learn to knit, very slowely, on 0s. Here are some of socks in progress that are finally, finally, finally tight enough to be a proper knitted sock. And not twisted!!!!

The baby socks are knitted with Knit Picks yarn, some yarn I had left over from socks I made earlier in the year for Jason, and passed down to Charmie.

The White and Red socks are knit from Regia Bamboo yarn. This is a lovely, lovely sock yarn. I will have to look into more bamboo sock yarn in the future. It is very lightweight, has a nice sheen, and I think I will really like these socks. They were intended as gift socks, but now I am not sure....

The Red, blue, Pink, etc. sock is Trekking yarn. I like the randomness of the strips and colors. Again, inteded as gifts, but will be hard to part with. The yarn is easy to work with, splits a bit, but works up nice for me on 0s. Very tight gauge. The Bamboo gauge is looser, which worries me a bit, not sure how they will last...

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Anonymous said...

I love them all! Especially the tiny one! Mardie wears those socks now. Charmie's feet are too big. He likes wearing them instead of slippers and regular socks.
You're brave. I can't seem to do anything smaller than 3's. Maybe once you master O's you'll feel up to making a lace project with lace wt. yarn? I've got so far to go.