Friday, December 22, 2006

Baby Sweater - Peach sock yarn

And here is the beginning of a baby sweater for Jada made out of Fearless Fiber's Gentle Peach sock yarn. Fearless Fiber's is starting to be my favorite sock yarn. The colors are great, and it's super soft. I didn't think I'd like this color in socks - I'm not a pastel person. But it was part of a 3-color set I bought, so I decided to make a baby sweater with it. But after knitting it the colors are a lot stronger, almost coral, than it looked like in the hank. I think it would make nice socks. Hmmmm - I have another hank that I bought to make a bonnet and hat to match the sweater. But - who knows. Socks may be calling :)

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Anonymous said...

this will be so cute on baby J! BTW, if you are making a sweater on this size yarn with tiny needles it's the equivalent of making a big sweater for you with a larger gauge yarn . . . so where's a sweater for u? I want to see one!