Wednesday, August 31, 2005

It's only water..........

Like everyone else in America - I have been glued to the TV watching the aftermath of Katrina. It is horrific. It makes me think about the few things that really matter - God, my family, my health, water, food, the basics.

We have friends, that are now homeless and jobless. Their children will remember their early years as ones where they moved to a new town & home. However, they are so upbeat. They are just thankful to be alive.

I don't have any profound thoughts to share. I don't feel like talking about much at all. It is a time of reflection and prayer for me. It's a time of sadness - as I pray that those stranded are able to safely leave the city. It is a time of sadness because it also appears that some of the worse traits of humanity are making life even more miserable for others as looting and fear are unleased in the Big Easy. However, we also see the best of people in those who are tireless working to save others. I just wish I could do something, I feel so helpless to do anything except donate what we can and pray for the people of the Gulf coast.

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