Monday, August 29, 2005

How many more do I need to make?

I'll be more than ready to stop making purses after December of this year!! I've enjoyed making bags and felting, but I can tell I need some more challenges. These bags sat for a while before I got the energy to felt them. So much boiling of water, checking to see the felting, etc. Especially since I have a front-load washing machine which I love for everything except felting.

The first phots are the bags before felting - the smaller SnB bag is in Painter's Palette - a very nice chuncky merino. The 2nd SnB bag - is in Galaway, a green color, and BaaBaajoes - the varigated that is created the stripes. The gift bag is in BaaBaajoes. I love the NZ Woolpak BaaBaajoes and how it felts and stripes. I have to make a sweater in it for me once I get done with these gifts.

I miss crochet so much. I have been knitting these bags - but I was jones for crochet so I have started 3 shawls!! I guess I need to add shawls to my gift list to justify it :) But I really needed to crochet again. It is so much faster for me, and I love the way the stitches look. Crochet will always me my first love.

This second photo are the bags after felting - and stuffed with towels so they keep their shape. The gift bag actually felted together - front to back :(, and the cotton yarn I put in to keep the eyelets open also felted into the wool! That BaaBaajoes is a strong, strong felting yarn!


Karen said...

Your bags are lovely! Like you, I find crocheting faster and I begin jonesing for it too when I'm on a knitting project.

doreen said...

oh lala, looking gr8!